Monday, January 14, 2013

Survival Tactix: Glutton for Punishment.....

Since this is something historic and I understand that it wasn't the kind of show it should have been, I've decided to give RAW a chance, knowing fully what I'm walking into. SO......this first half is nothing more than an announcement that I will be watching Monday Night RAW's 20th Anniversary episode....I am hoping for a miracle, but I fear I'll be walking into something that will keep me awake another hour or two after the show is over just from disgust. Let me be perfectly clear with what I want to see from a 20 year celebration.....I want to see the vast majority of WWF's Attitude Era main event tier. I want to see a Diva or two from that period. I want to see a high flyer taking out a heel. I want to see a main event that involves one of the main eventers from the period.

It doesn't seem too much to ask, does it? WWE has 3 hours to deliver all of that. It seems simple enough to pull out the stops to celebrate a milestone like 20 years, doesn't it? We shall see.....

3 Hours Later......

I've faced down tests of ALL kinds from physical to mental to emotional and NEVER have I tackled such a difficult task in all my years. When I watched Genesis, I was disappointed. Nothing in this WORLD compares to what I witnessed this day. 20 Years of RAW was reduced to business as usual plus The Rock.

Eve has quit WWE, so her loss was expected, but to tell you the honest to goodness truth, the Divas match was the ONLY thing I really wanted to see. Kaitlyn is one of the few Divas in the current crop that I would LOVE to see Cross the Line.

The Beautiful People Version 4.0
THIS would be a pretty epic picture, to be sure. Nevertheless, this WASN'T the reason for the column and so I return you to that column, already in progress.....

There were seven matches on the card and, none stuck out as even important, save for two. A congratulations to Kaitlyn for winning the butterfly belt, but her success was only to last long enough for John Cena, the savior of WWE to be featured in a Steel Cage (Padded Cell) match.

If there was ever a match that should NOT be done without someone being busted open, a cage match would be it. Furthermore, there should NEVER be anyone allowed to escape through the door, but since TNA has been making this fundamental flaw in the stipulation, I must expand the argument to chastise them as well.

Let me be perfectly transparent for a moment and spell something out......I was given NONE of what I asked for. I wanted the top tier and I got 2 (Foley and The Rock). I wanted a couple of Divas from the the past and didn't get that. I asked for high flyers and didn't get that either. In fact, there wasn't ANYTHING about this show that made it special to me. If they had simply left out the fact that it was the 20th Anniversary, I would have never caught it based upon the line-up of matches, the results, or even the feel of the show. It was simply business as usual, as I stated before, and that's a true shame. I feel sorry for the people who paid good hard earned money to attend and were given such a show.

Quite possibly the biggest disappointment, for me and a great deal of others I've talked to, was the glaring and obvious absences of Stone Cold Steve Austin, Shawn Michaels, Triple H, The Undertaker, or ANY other top tiered talent who had been there from near the beginning of Monday Night RAW in 1993. Had there even been a video sent from them, I'd have been less disappointed, but I didn't even get that.

SO WWE STILL somehow manages to find a way to turn this writer against them even after hoping against all hope that they could put the wrong things right and make this 20th Anniversary show look like something worth watching. After having watched from near the beginning of their tenure, I congratulate their success, but oh...well....*sigh*

A least there's always Thursday.....


  1. you know I would have to agree with you because stone cold was supposed to be there yet again he wasn't. all I know is somebody's really droped the ball last night.

  2. I cant even watch RAW anymore. You get bombarded with 2 minute matches women who can wrestle but never getting more than 30 seconds to prove it, main eventers who are more famous for there catch phrases than there acual wrestling. Man do I love the fact that we get acual wrestling on thursdays and knockouts that are going to really wrestle plus new talent almost every week.