Friday, January 18, 2013

Survival Tactix: Human Wedding Crashing Machine?

I only have one word to utter since watching I'll even say it backwards.....WOW. As one who loves to say to watch the patterns, I missed this one by a MILE. Those who hate the story are going to hate the developments, but I, for one, LOVE IT! Why? Because it makes sense.

"But he's not a wrestler...." He never needed to be. All the faction really needed was a man inside.

"But he may have to step from the announce booth....." There are those in the forums and message boards who thought he was getting a bit stale anyway. Besides, they already have a man to sit in his spot to take over in the short term.

"But he's.....fill in the blank" The point is, it doesn't matter what kind of argument you want to play here, it makes sense.

Aces and Eights needed a man on the inside to do recruiting and, while it may not have been D-Lo Brown, Bruce Pritchard and Al Snow seemed unlikely, and since Taz had been running the commentary booth, I thought "he couldn't be a member because he's on the air right now." A simple phone call before a commercial, a suspicious bathroom break and he's letting the faction know Snow is running to his car for a minute and you've got your "out", so to speak.

Taz's revelation turns the tide of the story. I TOLD you things would pick up speed. Without Against All Odds to serve as a story punctuation point, this train is going to be running full bore without a comma all the way to the end of the sentence.....period. (bad joke)

Joking aside, though, this NEEDED to happen. This is a game changer because now, unless plans change, which they could, Taz will be off commentary for the next little while. That is, unless Taz is a mouthpiece to further the faction's agenda and pull the curtain back a bit. Keep in mind that we STILL don't know what they want, who they're really after, and what the endgame ultimately is.

Lots of seemingly random paragraph pauses, I know, but the thoughts here are still energized that FINALLY this thing is getting some steam behind it. There are some who'd like it to just end now, but I'm in another camp entirely. I just wanted to see it moving and Taz does that. You wanted the opinion of this writer, you've got it.

I say "Bring it on!"

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