Saturday, January 19, 2013

Survival Tactix: If All Things Were Possible....Invasion

A thought occurred to me as I watched The Shield attack Ryback at Survivor Series. "If all things were possible, how would I use the debut of the Shield to serve as a springboard to a TNA invasion?" First of all, there have been so many invasions in the past decade and that market has lowered considerably in the past few years. With both Nexus incarnations, the Corr, the Main Event Mafia, and Aces and Eights, how can it be done in a fresh way that HASN'T been done in WWE?

First things first, we HAVE to establish the players. I would launch into the invasion on THREE separate fronts. One at WWE headquarters, one at the footage truck, and one on the arena's cameras, that way no one could stop the footage from airing unless they called the Network and had them pull the feed from their end of things, but it would EXPLODE ratings, make no mistake......

Think back to the DX invasion of WCW. In the video package that chronicled the endeavor, Triple H stated that if he were Bischoff, he'd have let them in with their Jeep. NOW, however, I don't think his opinion would be the same. Let me make one thing PAINFULLY clear....I don't want this to be a simple "one off" stunt. If I had my way, a WWE/TNA cooperative storyline would play out over the course of a 6 month long timeline. Another thing I want to make clear, I DON'T want this to be a TNA vs. WWE type of conquest, but more like a collision of factions, culminating in a HUGE faction themed battle royal. Sounds a bit like the Corporate Rumble mini-battle royal from 1999, doesn't it?

I'm glad the connection has been made, because the Corporation would HAVE to return to even the odds. I simply don't believe that any other faction has the staying power OR the kind of defensive name power to stave off an invasion. Now that we've established the two factions....let's look at the things necessary to begin....

1. The inside person. He/she is the mole that has been stoking the flames from the beginning at the beck and call of the leader.

2. The fall guy. He/she becomes the target of the discord. This could mean suspension, firing, or beatdown.

3. The crusader. He/she either makes the suggestion to launch the investigation OR does it him/herself.

That's really it. It all begins with one or two little things. One main eventer is unable to enter his match due to an "accident" in the parking ramp. A car pulls out and hits him. If I were picking the main eventer, it'd be CM Punk. Why? Because I would want the person demanding the investigation to be Paul Heyman. Sounds simple enough...right? Punk is out for a little while. During that time, a piece of video surfaces of a person in a mask....blurred by the low resolution of the cameras, waiting for Punk to cross the path of the car before running him down.

Heyman accuses the man with the biggest bone to pick with Punk as the driver.....he has only one suspect, John Cena. I can hear the "UGH! Not the Cena/Punk story again!" running through your minds. Not so fast, though. The accusations are denied vehemently, but with AJ Lee and that little stable getting on board with the accusation, Vickie decides to launch an investigation. Upon searching his locker, they find a skull mask and a flannel shirt in his duffel. Suspension.

So right now, the players are John Cena, CM Punk, Vickie Guerrero, Dolph Ziggler, Big Langston, Paul Heyman, and AJ Lee. Since this is a TNA invasion, the focus on this story HAS to be from the perspective of the "invaded".

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