Saturday, January 19, 2013

Survival Tactix: If All Things Were Possible....Step 2. Infiltration

We know the players in the "investigation". Cena has been suspended. The question is who becomes the next victim. My vote is for another main eventer.....most likely Alberto Del Rio. Why? Because he's been Vince's little pet project for years now. I wouldn't even have an appearance of the faction here. In fact, I have another idea....incriminate CM Punk. Why? Because it lets Cena off the hook.

So CM Punk put the mask and flannel in Cena's locker? Not so fast. Cena's return is short lived as he says he's tired of being the scapegoat in this company and has decided to simply stay at least THAT way, he won't be a target anymore. Punk interrupts and continues accusing Cena of slight of the hand tactics even though fingers are pointing now at him instead.

Once the closest PPV has happened, Cena has some time off. Now that Cena has been let off the hook, so to speak, it's left in the lap of CM Punk. Vince returns and calls Punk into his office. It seems TWO beatdowns is enough to get to the bottom of things. Punk claims to know nothing, but during his visit, ANOTHER main eventer is taken out, this time by more than one assailant as their match is over and they are returning to their locker room. Randy Orton is taken by four men in masks who RUSH him out the doors of the arena and into the back of a waiting car.

Three teams are dispatched to the headquarters, the arena, and the production truck. Once all teams are in place.....

Vince comes to the ring and announces that one from their roster has been taken. All of a sudden, the lights go down and, when they come back up, the ring is surrounded, Orton is lying in the middle of the ring bloodied, and footage from the truck shows the spokesman with the voice changer.

"You were the King of the Mountain, Vince. You showed how taking out the enemy was done, but I have taken down your defenses without ever setting foot on your turf. It's over...."

"You can't tell me when it's over. I INVENTED the game changer. I decide when forever ends." Vince answers.

"We'll see..."

Lights go out once more and when they come back up, the faction is gone and a ball peen hammer sits in the middle of the ring.

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