Sunday, January 20, 2013

Survival Tactix: If All Things Were Possible....Step 3. Introducing...

Orton is now on the shelf and accusations are flying in every direction. For nearly three weeks, a random person on the roster is beaten down. Finally Vince is fed up. The day before the closest PPV, he comes to the ring and announces that he's decided to suit up his own army to exterminate the pest problem. He says that once upon a time there was another pest organization that gave him fits and to combat this, he put together a group of individuals that would be his feet to stomp out their lights.

"Tonight, I'm bringing back The Corporation to take back this show. No more beatdowns will rip apart MY main events. I've already picked my first three members, so without further ado, come on out...."

Alberto Del Rio, Randy Orton, and John Cena come out from behind the curtain. Just then, all three get beaten down by 4 Aces and Eights members. Just then, Dolph Ziggler and Big E. Langston rush from the back to aid. No sooner do they gain the upper hand, another 5 masked men come through the crowd and rush in to help. As the masked faction turns the tides once more, The Shield and the Prime Time Players join the mix and the brawl continues.

The segment lasts about 15 minutes until the first member of the NEW Aces and Eights is revealed....and it's Kurt Angle!!

So now, the Corporation consists of

John Cena
Dolph Ziggler
Big E. Langston
Alberto Del Rio
Randy Orton
The Shield
The Prime Time Players

The Aces and Eights hit the bricks and we now know one member.

The following week, Vince is bragging about how quickly he's turned the tides in this little skirmish. As he is still talking, Angle comes over the Titantron.

"All you did is prolong the inevitable, Vince. You didn't think I'd be a game changer, but TNA has only picked up business since I joined a few years back. You have no idea how deep your roster has been infiltrated.....but you will soon enough...."

TONS of finger pointing and accusations are made of guys AND gals who aren't members of the Corporation. Among them is CM Punk, who has determined he wants NOTHING to do with any of it because he's simply above them.

Vince has decided that those who aren't with them are AGAINST them. Punk and those who don't want to be in the number are called to the ring, surrounded by members of the Corporation. Punk is accused of being one of the masked hooligans trying to tear this roster apart.

No sooner do those words get said, Angle appears once more.

"Look what WE'VE done...You're getting senile in your old age, Vince. What you DON'T know is WHO has Crossed the Line...."

"Listen here, Angle. I've got this situation well in hand. You are NOT a threat to me."

"Maybe I'm not, but THEY are...."

The Aces and Eights carve a path into the back and get the unfactioned roster members to the back as the two factions brawl. Just as the last member has been escorted to the back, another mask is removed.........


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  1. thats pretty awsome wish it could happen i would never have thought it would of been super cena and i would probably skiped a few episodes only cuz wwes track record with good stories goes bad real quick but hearing that would make me want to watch every week
    but no matter what TNA COMES FIRST!!! I've crossed the line for good