Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Survival Tactix: Jackhammering TNA?

The pride of WCW in the peak years, Goldberg, has taken to Twitter.....

A fan made a comment today on his Twitter page.

"Such a shame.....the Spear needs to be seen once again!"

The comment didn't go unanswered.

"It's coming..."

This brought on the snap of ANOTHER comment, stating that it wasn't cool for him to tease a return to the ring if he didn't mean it. Goldberg responded once more......

"I mean it."

He made it PAINFULLY clear that he would NOT be returning to WWE.....EVER. process of elimination, what company on the face of the wrestling landscape COULD Goldberg perform for? Further, what would his purpose be? Could he REALLY hang in the ring with the current talents? At 46, Bill Goldberg is reaching the final possible days of his WRESTLING career, at least from the perspective of a heavyweight title prospect. But what about as a measuring stick?

HOWEVER, in stark contrast to The Undertaker, who is 47, is in such bad shape that it ABSOLUTELY REQUIRES him taking every bit of the time he's not performing in recovery and training as his body has been dealt such massive blows over the years. In the early stages of planning, WWE had written off the possibility of him even performing this year at the big dance.

I can hear the arguments from critics now. "Great, another 'old guy' that is just in TNA to get himself a paycheck!" The funny thing is that those very same fans, who jeered Ric Flair's presence in TNA were OVERJOYED when he returned to Monday Night RAW. There IS a word for that......fickle. This really isn't intended to be a rant of any kind, but it DOES make me wonder as to what kind of reaction he would receive IF and WHEN he does show up.

Allow me to present a few facts for the benefit of those holding out hopes....

FACT......When Bill Goldberg surfaced in WWE would anyone like to guess who helped in negotiations? Eric Bischoff. Does anyone know where he works NOW?

FACT.....When Eric Bischoff was hired as a part of the deal that brought in Hulk Hogan, a few casual get-togethers were had with a certain WCW main to venture who that was? Exactly, Bill Goldberg.

FACT.....Bill Goldberg has the itch. He's stated that he wants to give back. He has ALSO said that he wants to show his son what made him into the celebrity he is.

THIS, folks, is where TNA is shining. Proper use of veterans on the roster. The true purpose behind Goldberg potentially coming into TNA is TWO-FOLD.

1. He's a veteran and ANY defeats wrought by one of TNA's finest is HUGE for their resume.
2. Any victories by Goldberg STILL give a new talent a good rub and a lesson in how to perform at the highest level.

Could Bill Goldberg still hang in the ring with some of TNA's top talents? A fair question, why not ask Shawn Michaels or Kurt Angle? He may NOT be either of them, but his injuries have been far lighter in his career and he's got less holding him back from having a classic match in TNA than he EVER did in WWE. Chew on it, people.....we may see a Jackhammer in TNA this year......

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