Friday, January 25, 2013

Survival Tactix: Leftovers.....

This morning, I got to thinking.....what is TNA going to do with those three performers that DIDN'T win the British Boot Camp? I think that question is even more aimed at the Blossom Twins than anyone. When Hulk Hogan was asked why Spud was chosen he said that he was picked because there was a need on the roster to fill and that he would do well to fill it. I'm sure he REALIZES that TNA is losing their Knockouts Division's notoriety by releasing Sarita, Winter, and Angelina Love, doesn't he?


Here's the thing, as I'm marching through over 700 columns here, I'm realizing that some of these columns are sounding like rehash of old stuff. I want to see a balanced roster- both in story AND in man (woman) power. I want to see all performers on the roster respected and taken seriously. Back in the early days of the Knockouts Division, Gail Kim and Awesome Kong MAIN EVENTED Impact one week. Likewise, the X Division MAIN EVENTED Unbreakable 2005, which became arguably the best TNA PPV of all time.

We haven't seen the Tag Team Titles main event a PPV yet. Somebody tell me THAT wouldn't just be a sight to see. In all of these words, I DO have a point. TNA KNOWS they need to beef up their X Division. They have had DEVASTATING injuries plague the roster in that department. In fact, the X Division is the most often ASKED for division in terms of TV time that you'll find on any message board on the net. This is where Spud fits.

The Knockouts need a boost as well. THIS is why I ask about the Blossoms. As the rotation of Knockout challengers for Tara mounts and the interference begins to wear old, TNA NEEDS to interject some kind of game changer and a two-fold champion package seems necessary to fend off that interference and level the playing field. The only two options I can think of are ODB and Eric Young's return to keep Jesse in check OR the Blossom Twins with the switchout possibility to make more for Tara to keep track of. Either way Jesse needs to be kept out of the fight in the ring.

In TNA, the two divisions that have this tendency to be the first ones to fade into the background are the Knockouts and the X Division, but fans won't let the X Division fade, nor should they, but NO ONE should forget the Knockouts either. TNA provides an outlet for women to ply their craft in ring and a platform upon which to launch a talented young lady into the atmosphere in terms of popularity and career depth. Once a woman has tested her metal in TNA, she can say with certainty that she's the best the world has to offer.

Just for kicks, I'd like you to give some feedback for the video below. This is the Blossoms facing off against Taeler Hendrix and a partner.

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