Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Survival Tactix: Mic Check.....

Once in a GREAT while, a single promo can turn a wrestler into something more. When something special is made from a moment in time that might not have gone strictly according to script, a wrestler becomes a household name. TNA hasn't reached "household name" status just yet, but I believe, nevertheless, that there are a couple of names that need to find their way into the history books. They join the ranks of a trio of my personal favorite moments of the modern era. TNA's two best World Champions had to start somewhere and these are their moments that I put here as examples of what TO do......

Bobby Roode.....

Austin Aries.....

These two promos, though completely different from those of my 3 favorite promos that set up 3 of WWF/ WWE's biggest stars for life, still are important for a very special reason....it set up who they were AND in Aries' case, set up a yearly ritual that will allegedly find its way onto the card for Slammiversary this year, keeping the ritual intact.

So who are my THREE?



These three served very different purposes in their respective eras. People still chant for "Y2J" when Jericho comes onto the ramp. People still own "Austin 3:16" t shirts. People still cheer when CM Punk has a microphone in his hand. Jericho served as young blood infused from a dying entity. Austin served as the solution to a heel boss, and Punk has served as "the voice of the voiceless". 

Some moments are immortalized and I truly believe my favorites here will be, but in the history of TNA, I believe Aries and Roode should find their OWN place in the annals of the history books with their work speaking for itself.

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