Friday, January 11, 2013

Survival Tactix: One Last....Maybe Two Last Words....

Flooding the forums is criticism of TNA's PPV strategy for this year. One thing is for sure, anyone who decides to buy these PPV Specials is going to have QUITE the collection in their hands....particularly if the initiative doesn't stick the way I think it will. It's a rare thing for a company to ALTER their PPV schedule, LET ALONE shifting the number even as the year is underway. SO, if you decided to buy all 7 PPVs, you may just be buying into a little piece of history.

Let's, for the sake of argument, say that each of these PPV specials are "stand alone", meaning that they have no bearing on the storylines running on the current broadcast schedule. Knowing full well that once per month, Smackdown fans are going going to be facing a tough decision, TNA could be in for a struggle, UNLESS those same fans take into account that some of the surprise guests, gimmicks, match types, and tourneys won't be featured at ANY other time of the year. Fact is, with the price tag for the 7 specials set at about 15 BUCKS, you really can't go wrong, particularly when you figure that the average price of a WWE PPV right now is 35 bucks WITHOUT it being one of the big four.

Right NOW, the idea to some might not be as good to others, but once the post-Wrestlemania slump hits, which it has in the past 5-6 years anyway, SOME of those very same fans may come to their senses and realize that 35 bucks is simply too high a cost to float for every month, considering the product being put to them. IF TNA brings their A-game with every PPV, this could be the best idea to EVER grace the brainstorming floor of TNA's creative team. This ALSO depends upon WHICH talents to use for each special. If they truly decide to bring the best of the best of the table and utilize the match types they way I KNOW they can, you won't find a better place to watch professional wrestling in the mainstream than the place where "Wrestling Matters"....period.

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