Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Survival Tactix: Outside the Rumor Mill.....

There is a distinct benefit of sitting outside the proverbial doors of business and simply listening and watching the patterns as they relate to the rumors being posted from time to eventually can CORRECTLY predict some of the goings-on to come. On that note, I've had my head to the rails and have heard some interesting rumblings of late that might shed some light into current story plot points and punctuate them a bit more clearly.

Number 1. Judas Mesias has taken to Twitter, stating "For those that ask about TNA, Yes there are plans for me to return, but AAA is my home."

If one were to speculate, his presence could finally herald the return of Abyss from his storyline exile and put him back into the active character roster. What kind of timeline could we be looking at? In October of last year, AAA (a Mexican wrestling independent promotion) published a 3 Part Question and Answer manuscript stating that there are legal entanglements preventing the exporting of Mesias among other talents on their roster as a temporary influx to aid in their storylines and "one shot" PPVs.

Number 2. TNA has been cultivating a relationship with independent promotions like CHIKARA, AAA, IWGP, and NOAH.

The use of talents like Rubix and a couple of the other names included in the X Division tournament last year at Destination X made a statement. TNA is wanting to expand, but not at the expense of smaller promotions, who have offered the one off appearances and performances from members of their contracted respective rosters as a show of good faith. THIS separates TNA from the pack, an established dialogue that helps build the company without crippling the companies that foster some of the talents and aid in the financial cooperative that is ultimately formulated.

Number 3. TNA's plans concerning the Knockouts Division.....

Without going into COMPLETE detail, in addition to the Blossom Twins as possible contract earning assets to the division, there are other overseas talents who will be participating in the Gut Check seminar in the U.K during the February tour. Among them is independent Portuguese talent Shanna, the Alpha Female. After seeing some pretty compelling footage of her showcasing, she fits the bill of what Dixie said in her interview of what she wanted to see out of the division. Beautiful and phenomenally talented. One thing I can personally guarantee is that once the division is reloaded, we are BOUND to see something serious going down.

These are the biggest rumors and facts shaking the vaults at the moment. The voices under the doors of the rumor mill continually speak, and I say once more to every faithful follower of this the patterns.

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