Thursday, January 10, 2013

Survival Tactix: PPV Winds Changing....

TNA IMPACT WRESTLING today announced a new worldwide Pay-Per-View programming initiative for 2013.  The 52 annual episodes of IMPACT WRESTLING on SpikeTV will lead to four, live epic Pay-Per-View events commencing with “Genesis” on January 13th, “Lockdown” on March 10th, “Slammiversary” on June 9 and “Bound For Glory” on October 13th.  
In addition, seven Pay-Per-View specials that will be branded as “TNA Wrestling: One Night Only,” series will debut in April 2013 and continue throughout the year during the additional months.  The 3-hour taped Pay-Per-View specials will premiere on the first Friday of each month.  The first two “One Night Only” specials will be “Joker’s Wild Tag Team Tournament” and “X-travaganza” which will feature the X-Division.
“The Pay-Per-View industry has changed so much in the last decade,” says TNA President Dixie Carter.  “The traditional pay-per-view wrestling model needed to evolve and we believe this strategy will positively impact not only the Pay-Per-View events but the weekly television programming as well.”

This announcement comes directly from TNA's website. SO we're losing just about every PPV on the schedule....okay...I can live with that. With FOUR PPVs, TNA can certainly afford to move THOSE around the country, right? Well....Genesis won't be leaving the Impact Zone this year. So far as I know, the OTHER three WILL be traveling shows.
I only have ONE problem with this new initiative: These PPV Specials. EVERY one of these specials will ONLY air on PPV. That means, if you wanted to see that Petey Williams return OR the return of the Joker's Wild Tag Team Tourney you HAVE to buy the PPV. WAIT! Is TNA trying to bribe the fans?! THAT'S certainly a new tactic. Dixie, you're a sly one....
Truth be told, I predicted SOMETHING like this, but my idea would have been specials on TV and NOT PPVs, but this experiment COULD benefit TNA as a whole. The only problem is how is this ANY different from the current model aside from being taped instead of live? Would the winners of the events and matches be mentioned on TNA TELEVISION? Could we see a title change on these PPVs? What about the debuts and returns? Is it possible the newly christened PPV special returns and the like could end up on the roster? 
These are all questions TNA NEEDS to address in future updates......


  1. what does this mean for the x-devision title. if there is no detination x does that mean that the x-devision title holder still gets to cash in the belt or is option 3 off the table now???

    i think they are taking to much of a big risk in one go. if they wanted to do this then why not try it with one or two ppvs in the first year. if this fails the fact they have commited to seven in the first year could lose them fans or kill there ppv ratings.

    mark d

  2. ok i didnt understand does this mean they are showing past ppvs on friday for free on spike???

  3. It means they will tape 7 ppvs and show them on fridays once a month. I believe it will cause problems I would feel more comfortable with a couple small ppvs like that on saturdays and a Sunday speciel on months that don't have small Saturday ppvs or major ones