Thursday, January 31, 2013

Survival Tactix: Redemption and Vengeance.....

Redemption and vengeance.....the two oldest motives in all of wrestling storylines NOT involving a woman. I hope that's not being too crass, but the truth is, love doesn't factor into what we've seen in TNA's most aggressive story to date. The Aces and Eights' new spokesman, Taz, talked about vengeance and redemption and I'm wondering EXACTLY what he meant. With the flurry of columns I've written concerning the faction, it's a wonder I haven't really sat down to consider just what might be meant as motive for each potential candidate TNA has for the President of the Aces and Eights.

Brooke- What could "daddy's little girl" POSSIBLY have against the Hulkster? What's more, how do vengeance and redemption fit into the explanation? To answer THIS motive, why not look at the forums? Her approval rate is abysmal, at best, and atrocious at worst. Maybe nobody TOLD her that winning the crowd over would be as hard as it has been. Maybe she was suckered into a decision she wasn't prepared to make. Or MAYBE she's been dealing with the jeering from those in the locker room to such an extent that she believes "Daddy" is responsible for giving her no choice but to comply. In any case, Brooke will HAVE to sell THIS to the fans and go COMPLETELY OUT OF HER MIND to do so. Anything less will be a COMPLETE failure.

Jeff Jarrett- The Founder has PLENTY to be upset about after having been unceremoniously dropped on his ear after losing to Jeff Hardy last. Compound THAT with being denied his spot as the first entrant to the TNA Hall of Fame and the indignity would be at feverish heights. He was a part of Immortal with Hogan and yet Hogan made no efforts to bring him back into the fold once Sting's tenure as GM was over. That MIGHT have been the last straw and for that reason, above all others, he needed to get someone's attention. The genius about it is that he took back the company he founded without having ever set foot on the grounds to do so.

Eric Bischoff- As the man behind the Hell's Ride TV show AND the man who was "fired" by his son in storyline by Hogan's verdict, he has something to complain about. "If I was just a bad influence, why was I dropped on my face the way I was?" If Eric was simply a strong influence to convince Hogan to behave the way he did, how DARE Hulk throw him out when he was every bit as bad as him? If you want to play games like this, I can play better. I'll take the FULL power for myself and put it to good use. An age-old model with a TNA twist.....Eric would have NO problem pulling it off.

Dixie Carter- My personal favorite idea. Hulk showed her the door and put her in a precarious position with his legal posturing and chessmanship. And Sting, who warned her in the first place asking for her to give him a second chance at the reins after THAT? He, too, needed to pay for even the suggestion that Hulk had changed. HE put Brooke in her place as VP of the Knockouts Division, not her. Dixie has done EVERYTHING for the fans, but Hogan has stood in the way every step. It was time to get someone's attention and make some changes. This scenario is the one most "former" TNA fans would LOVE to see.

Abyss- Because I LOVE this possibility AND the explanation, I will allow Alfred to explain.....

Abyss' return would herald an intelligence that has not been known before in the wrestling world....a monster with a brain capable of engineering an army of masked men to do his bidding and having no agenda at all other than tearing down things and people. Abyss can't be reasoned with, bribed, tortured, or negotiated with. He just wants to corrupt, maim, divide loyalties, and then watch from afar as things collapse, laughing at the effectiveness of his handiwork.

A question I've been wrestling with is whether or not OTHERS might have a bone to pick.....the last name brought to me was one I didn't expect, but one who could shift things in a way COMPLETELY new.

AJ Styles- Being sick of doing double duty as both the engineer AND the proverbial whipping boy for the mass of other people's problems is something Hogan and the present regime has reduced him to, in his mind. Thins back to his beatdown....among the weakest they've presented. He was MORE than able to walk out under his own power AND was "patched in" as it were. Styles lied to us, telling us he was sick of being the corporate janitor, all the while performing surgery on the TNA roster, diving, conquering, and ultimately putting the regime out for good.

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  1. I think vp will be bishoff and president will be jeff or dixie or she could have paid them to attack at wedding and other hogan sting events, it would a great idea 2 see how the bishoffs work together ever since garrett got eric fired in the story, I also think that bully and sting will be the one to end the aces and 8 even though I have enjoyed it as of the last few weeks it has to end soon