Sunday, January 13, 2013

Survival Tactix: Rising?

We have Hardy vs. Christopher Daniels for the TNA World Heavyweight Title.....I suppose this should lead me into a question. If Austin Aries AND Bobby Roode working together can't put Hardy down, why on Earth would I believe Christopher Daniels by himself can do ANY better, particularly when he has two weeks to prepare? I had hoped the comparison would NEVER come to TNA, but Jeff Hardy has become John Cena.

He's taken a beating at the hands of Aces and Eights prior to winning the World Title, he's managed to outlast a Ladder Match and a Triple Threat Elimination Match with stacked odds. I suppose the MAJOR difference between Cena and Hardy is that Hardy has a better ring presence and is able to sell an injury well enough to make the match believable.

Genesis did NOT deliver the way it SHOULD have. Despite glimmers of hope, there were some glaring problems that cannot simply be wished away.....

1. The matches that were advertised for the PPV went well enough, but there was a theme I couldn't seem to shake....the veterans all won the day. Devon, Sting, Hardy, RVD, was a mixed bag because I WANTED to see a few things and was given something entirely different instead. I wanted to see York or King move into their rightful place on the roster, but I was given a check in the loss column for Christian York. Granted, he had me believing he'd come out on top at one point, but the powers that be didn't see eye to eye with the fans, who WANT to see something new.

2. Jeff Hardy could NOT be booked any more powerful than he already is. He can stand up to being thrown around like a rag doll and bludgeoned by multiple assailants on more than one occasion and STILL somehow manage to retain the World Heavyweight Title. If Christopher Daniels somehow manages to turn this into a Fatal Four Way, I'll be very disappointed. Not only so, but it leaves Roode and Aries looking painfully weak.

3. Joseph Park is able to conjure the spirit of Abyss, but it doesn't last. I have NO clue what must be done for him to remain in that form, but if it requires the use of a car battery, jumper cables, a tire iron, and a pair of brass knuckles, I may have to alert the FBI. The sheer brutality that will be required to lend credence to the Joseph Park character as Abyss in the flesh will be astonishing. Make no mistake about it.

4. Joey Ryan and Matt Morgan splitting this early is a mistake and, if TNA is actually thinking about forcing each to their own devices, the backlash will be brutal. Nothing could hurt the division right now more than separating one of their cornerstone pairings before they've made their mark.

These are just a few problems I can see on the surface and, if things degenerate, it could mean some very unpleasant times for the favorite wrestling company for you and me. As I've said before, the match quality was top notch, but THIS was the time to put youth in the driver's seat and it wasn't done. The time to entertain the idea that anything is possible is RIGHT NOW.

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