Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Survival Tactix: Royal Flush.....

As a normal, red-blooded, Attitude Era fan, I was fooled into watching part of RAW last night. After eyeing the forums and making sure the coast was clear, I waited until it was time for The Rock to make his return as Champion to WWE. I was expecting a lot more than what I got. I wanted an altercation, but I received a raincheck for 3 weeks. Needless to say, disappointed was an understatement. That sense of loss got me thinking, though.....what happens during the drought?

Every year for quite a while now WWE goes through a post-Wrestlemania drought where Creative has little to do but twiddle their thumbs and wait for SummerSlam. THIS column isn't going to be a bashfest, I promise. In fact, with The Rock, Jericho, and possibly The Undertaker leaving after the big PPV anyway, I think we'll see a greater chance of TNA gaining even more footing, provided the Gut Check Challenge voting goes according to current polls. No, I didn't forget about WWE's precious Shield brigade. A decent bunch.....not to be compared with the numbers game, but a decent bunch just the same.

SPEAKING of the numbers.....I have a few things to say concerning TNA's handling of their newest faction. In spite of the lack of revelation for entirely too long, I think the members of the faction are ALL, save for Garett, going to be just fine as additions to the permanent roster. As for those among the rumored remaining, I am hopeful we'll see something interesting as TNA goes live once more February 28th.

WHICH brings me FINALLY to a question.....What happens on Impact once Aces and Eights have run their course? An interesting question that opens up a great big world of possibilities.

1. Each member COULD be mandated to never reform. Hey, it happened to Team Canada!

2. Abyss returns and, in a strange twist, we get Judas Mesias back for a time. Score one for the good guys.

3. Jeff Jarrett challenges in a "Loser Leaves TNA FOREVER" match AND, in a strange twist of events, Brooke Hogan is sent into exile as a result.

In all seriousness, though....TNA is in REALLY good shape right now, all things considered. With things picking up for Lockdown, I think the next two LIVE weeks of Impact are going to be absolutely enlightening.

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