Monday, January 28, 2013

Survival Tactix: Rumble.....

Last night was an interesting one. I actually sat at a big screen and watched the Royal Rumble match itself. I wish I hadn't. Where last year's surprise entrants were legends of the ring and Attitude Era throwbacks, I was kinda hoping the rumor mills were right and that Chris Masters, Carlito, and Shelton Benjamin would take on one last hurrah before making a plunge elsewhere. Instead, I was treated to 10 seconds of the Godfather, Chris Jericho, and Goldust.

Let me make one thing clear: I'm a Jericho fan. ALWAYS have been. But Jericho was quietly signed to a contract to ultimately face-off with Ry-Van-Back. Masters and the others haven't been signed to anything and even an appearance deal would have been nice to see. While the surprise entrants weren't amazing, the conclusion was even less so. If you didn't see John Cena win his second Rumble match a mile away.....I have no words to describe how naive.

Even though this column is titled "Rumble", the ROYAL Rumble isn't really what this post is about. In the past few days, TNA has wrapped up their tour and has come home. You've seen the photo of the crowd at Manchester here, but those at Wembley were JUST as impressive. I'm looking SO forward to seeing how it translates to film. While those of us who DON'T want to be spoiled avert our gaze from news sites and spoiler links, the rest (like me) are pleased with the direction of the storylines and, most of all, the matches being set up for Lockdown.

Those in the know already have down the two newest members to be revealed this week, but those to come are going to be special. As I've brought to you already, the FIVE names most brought up are to be discussed and decided upon in the next couple of weeks' worth of creative team meetings. Also on tap will be the last revelation......the President of the faction.....set to be pulled out at the PPV itself. For the past year, we've watched and waited, we've speculated and theorized. And yet, without the absolute confirmation that it's someone worth caring about, it makes the waiting game even harder to play. The names being discussed are as follows.....

Brooke Hogan
Eric Bischoff
Jeff Jarrett
Dixie Carter

Brooke is being pushed by Hulk and, I hope, will be RAILROADED by upper TNA management for that suggestion. The rest are, in MY eyes, reasonable. I see no problem with it being Bischoff. SOME will call it a travesty and an abuse of The faction itself is an abuse of power, I fail to see the point. The leader has a bone to pick with Sting and the general assembly in TNA's power structure. That COULD rule out Abyss, but it brings Jarrett and Bischoff to the forefront.

Dixie would be a refreshing change in pace, as her character, to me, has always had this damsel in distress vibe that certainly isn't coming from a place of strength. Being the leader of a faction like THIS would shift the tides and if Jarrett is alongside as the VP, when Dixie finally comes to light and Jarrett is revealed as well, if she didn't want the GM job, there's always Jeff, which wouldn't be a bad thing.

In the MEANTIME, we, the fans, will enjoy the taped shows from the UK and rowdy crowds they bring to the product. Thanks again, for making TNA even more exciting to watch.

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