Thursday, January 3, 2013

Survival Tactix: Sidestepping.... much to say, not enough pages in which to do so. We got another revelation and it was exactly what I was expecting.....Mike Knox. Devon, Mike Knox, Luke Gallows......all decent in their own rights. Granted, Devon seems to be the only one who can talk as of yet, but at least we have progress. Forward progress. THIS Mike Knox looks like he belongs in the character stable they've put him in, which goes the same for Gallows as well.

Let me say one thing to those of you who had a problem with Mike Knox as a NEED to look at the bigger picture here. This isn't over and now that the initiative has been set out as I predicted it needed to be, I can only be satisfied that things are moving once more. Mike Knox can wrestle, Luke Gallows can wrestle. They may both have been the side attraction for someone bigger before and even may be so here as well, but the company they have been keeping is much more effective in making them look menacing than those WWE paired them with.

Compound this with the fact that there may be movement on the Abyss front and we may have something to look forward to in the coming month or so. Could he be the mysterious man leading the faction? Could he be simply lying in wait, biding his time for the perfect moment? Is Joseph Park becoming Abyss or is the monster a separate entity?

So is Mr. Anderson going along for the ride on this train or is he swerving? First of all, I'm not convinced that he's even upset or has been recently, so this relationship has me scratching my head, but if they can convince me he's been upset, I'll go along with it. By the way, if this means w

The X Division Tournament makes me more than a little bit excited. Why? Because it brings someone new to the table for RVD AND it gives the potential for a new champion to get a leg up besides. I call it a win-win. Christian York is getting a push right out of the gate, meaning he's been embraced by the upper echelons of the white tower in Nashville. Good sign if you're a fan of the Gut Check Challenge newbie. It also appears that it'll be Zema Ion vs. Kenny King next week with the final bout taking place at Genesis for the final two bouts of the tourney. I like this a great deal....we've been talking about an emphasis on the X Division, at Genesis, we get TWO X Division

Additionally, I am loving Kenny King's work in TNA as of late. The heel turn makes me excited to see how the final round turns out. Not only that, but I've heard rumblings about a possible Kenny King/King Mo pairing in the works. Not gonna lie....sounds good to me, particularly if it means a rejuvenation of the division. New blood is good for the product AND the division as well.

So was the show a boom or a bust? I say boom. Forward movement, new blood, and the return of Sting even if the return was a bit lackluster....

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  1. Did anyone notice when the video of joseph parks in the backround there was a guy with long hair that looked the same as 1 of the Aces and 8s member