Sunday, January 27, 2013

Survival Tactix: Strength in Numbers.....

To date, TNA has revealed 3 members of the Aces and Eights....Devon, D.O.C (Luke Gallows), and Mike Knox.

From various sources I've been in contact with, there are, as predicted, 5 members left to reveal, creating a virtually complete Lockdown card with each member holding a spot on the card. Two of these members HAVE BEEN revealed as of now in terms of the TV tapings on the UK tour. For the benefit of those NOT wanting to be spoiled, I'll keep those two members under my hat until such time as they are made known on television.

This column is to talk about two conflicting reports concerning who could be in the last 3 spots. My partner is set to reveal the one name in common between these reports, so I'll leave THAT name to mystery as well, for the moment, but rest assured, it all makes sense. MY place is to talk about the conflicting FOUR names that could be revealed aside from the "shocker" and the two revealed on the tapings spoilers coming out all over the net today.

Source 1.) Crimson and Chris Sabin......

Crimson hasn't been seen on TNA television since his streak was broken last year with the return of James Storm from a month long hiatus. Chris Sabin has been out of things since his return match on Impact near the beginning of last year when he re-injured his ACL in a bump outside the ring. Both have had time away, Crimson went to OVW to hone his skillset and Sabin into rehabilitation. As for their bone to pick? If TNA makes the call to go with THIS pairing, we'll see soon enough.

Source 2.) Chris Masters and Cliff Compton (Domino)......

This pairing has a vein that intrigues me. The source claims that the plan from the beginning was to create a group of former WWE players on a smaller scale to invade like the nWo did. NOW, if this is the case, the plan failed. Why? Because NONE of these players were top tier players in their entire tenure with WWE. Even Mr. Anderson in his peak there was only reaching the bottom of the glass ceiling at the time. What it boils down to is that this pairing, if done as a tactic to put another pair of former WWE guys on TV again, will NOT last and will be doomed to failure if their former employers are ever mentioned on screen.

If the choice were up to me? I would pick Masters and Crimson. Why? First, Sabin has had such hard luck in his recent career with injuries and when THAT kind of injury occurs, things don't always mend as strong as they were before. I DO miss the guy, but I don't want to see him put into a position that could re-injure what has already been surgically fixed.....twice. Second, I want to see what kind of improvements have been made on Crimson's end of things.

Regardless of how things get divided or whom is selected for the final cut, it all comes down to who has been pulling the strings. My vote WAS for Jeff Jarrett for a time and then Abyss and even Eric Bischoff, but if there was one person I would LOVE to see holding the reins, it's Dixie Carter. Why not throw a full blown bash for the woman who has been talking about things "going according to plan" in 2013 and potentially throwing half of the viewing audience. Talk about a morality lesson in TRUST.....right? Hogan and Ray in this "trust" angle being trumped by a leader who hasn't trusted Hulk since his return to the GM position would be moral irony at its finest.

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  1. SI for one hope it isn't dixie. That would just be the NWO and Corperate Ministry all over again, they should add their twist to this story. Maybe bring someone new if they don't want to use Jarret. This did get me thinking about someone that no one has seen in years. Especially how you guys talk about Sabin being injured. Devon was injured in story. And a lot of the others have some type of jilted back story. The guy I am thinking of was a World Champ and was injuried to the point he couldn't return to the ring. He was a huge Face in the business. And rode a bike to go with the Aces & 8s motiff. And that is Terry "Magnum TA" Allen. Think about it Hogan was the top face at one time and turned to the NWO and it flew. Well TAs story is he was injured and couldn't come back. And has pretty much been all but forgotten at this point. So with these injured wrestlers thinking their meal ticket is gone and his jealousy of being forgotten would make a perfect leader for a bunch of bikers. It would be someone no one could expect and would snag a lot of the true wrestling fans and get people really looking at TNA.Plus you would get away from people saying that you are just pulling people from WWE. Sting knows him so he would be shocked. He couldn't wrestle but he would be a good leader.