Saturday, January 26, 2013

Survival Tactix: The Value of X: Redemption

I love writing the columns concerning the X Division and those who made their mark in a great way there. This one is no different. In light of the few who have no desire to be spoiled, please avert your eyes and don't read too far into this column until the events I speak of have passed. After that, please feel free to take it in at your convenience.

NOW, the news of the day comes from the U.K. tour, where in tapings for the 7th of February have already taken place. In said tapings, Austin Aries and Bobby Roode have won the Tag Team Titles, which is a big deal. Two former World Title holders now hold the Tag Team gold. What does that mean for the World Title picture? First of all, let's bear in mind that this comes on the heels of both exhausting their rematch clauses. Second, this COULD free up another team to break off and feud up or down the card. Reluctantly, I have to suggest that Matt Morgan and Joey Ryan will be the first team to fully separate with Ryan rolling into the X Division and Morgan beginning his ascent to the upper echelons of TNA's finest, culminating in a World Title run this year, making HIM the first this year to have his first title reign.

TNA has been launching one or two first time World Title contenders per year beginning in 2011. With James Storm (yes, his week long reign DOES count) and Bobby Roode in 2011, Austin Aries last year,  and Christopher Daniels so far this year, Matt Morgan doesn't seem like a very big stretch. While the brass in Nashville determine just HOW to remove the belt from Jeff Hardy and whom to drop it to, the fans have said Daniels or Roode or Aries.....anyone who could ACTUALLY carry the belt overseas without running into legal entanglements. Since the events of 2011, Jeff Hardy is not legally allowed on the tour of the UK.

Austin Aries and Christopher Daniels aren't the only ones who have the prospect of the X Division as a launching pad from which to attain the World Heavyweight Championship, there are a couple of names being tossed around that COULD potentially be booked to look like dynamite in flesh and have been used rather potently in the recent couple of months.

1. Bully Ray......

He may not be an X Division contender, but he's been used more prominently than virtually anyone else on the roster. His loss at No Surrender last year had SOME fans reaching for their phones to give TNA a piece of their minds. However, as many of you can guess, his time isn't over yet. TNA wants to give him a title reign and, I'm confident we'll see that before long.

2. Christian York.....

This name might surprise some of you, but I wouldn't be a BIT surprised if TNA skyrocketed him into the driver's seat sooner than later. Why? He's not a newcomer to the brand. He was around for their first show. He can carry a match and has proved that time and time again since his debut as a member of the roster and even moreso on PPV, having put on a tremendous Genesis performance against Kenny King AND RVD in the same night. Does he win it this year? Don't count it out.

SO, with the return of Jesse Sorenson coming into view and a vacant spot where Destination X used to be, you can bet there will be a story to explain how the X Division Title "Option C" status will fit into the equation. Why? Because the prospects for World Champion are bright in the X Division of late and THAT, folks, is the value of X.

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