Sunday, February 24, 2013

Survival Tactix: 5 Point Battleground...Part 1: Fleshing Out Arguments.....

In THIS column, I have laid down a challenge....."Give me 5 Reasons WWE is Better Than TNA."

To be blunt, this SHOULD have been a 2-on-1 Handicap Battle, but since one man FAILED to give me 5 points, I will simply put the one man who gave his stance some thought on display here. SO, here is the post; verbatim, cut-and-pasted from the forum.....

5 things "they" have TNA don't! Lineage. Production Values. Quality Of Performers is out of your league, always will be as they have pulling power and untold finance! A massive world wide fan base that are in the tens of millions, many haven't even watched an episode of TNA. Your ever growing promotion talk is fair enough however, if WWE ever found themselves in serious trouble (which i doubt) any businessman in the world would pay to pick up the pieces and carry on, TNA would be hard pressed to find that same investor. The storylines are shocking, its cartoon bullshit, has been since 07, they brought back DX and made them fight cheer leaders for fuck sake... They know though, if there is a slump in ratings or the stories are slow, pay an EX star a million dollars too come back!!! Could dixie and co. Do that? Let me guess?!? You wouldn't need too! I prefer TNAs action but storylines are just as bad and i'v given over many ways i believe the product would be better. What do i know though? I just pay a subscription to watch the show, follow it on facebook, follow this page, follow it on twitter....

NOW, let's flesh this out and tackle each reason one by one.

1. Lineage.....

If there is ONE place TNA is a decided disadvantage, it's here. HOWEVER, when you consider the rise of TNA, there is little disputing their progress onto the wrestling landscape. In June of 2002, TNA was launched as a PPV ONLY formatted weekly show at 10 bucks per show. A little over two years later, they were given a weekly show on Spike TV at 1 hour each week. THIS deal will come into play later, so put your finger HERE and remember that SPIKE took on TNA as a partner. 

In any case, TNA launched their YouTube partnership in 2006, making them part of a segmented niche in the wrestling underground. That would change, however, when TNA went global, adding a large number of international outlets to various partnerships acquired in the previous years leading up to that point. In 2008, TNA made their first tour of the UK and was SO successful, those tours have happened each year since.

TNA has done in 10 years what it took WWE over 40 years to do. You want an ACCURATE comparison? Wait about 5-10 years and see where it goes.

2. Production Values......

I happen to disagree with that assessment. While it may not have the exact SAME glint as WWE, it IS on par with the product they were intended to be compared with. TNA is INTENDED to be compared to the product WWE put out from 1993-2008. BUT, if you're really insistent in saying that TNA is subpar from a production standpoint, have a look at the bankbook. Under the circumstances, I happen to be impressed with their progress thusfar. AND, when TNA makes their Impact Zone a traveling show, as they did a year back, the two shows have a similar feel. SO I fail to see where you draw the distinction.

3. Quality of Performers......

Wow....there are truly no words for my real opinion of THAT assessment. IF WWE's top 5 performers were polled by the viewing public at large and the top 5 TNA performers were polled as well, I think we'd see a real shocking thing....only ONE of WWE's top 5 performers is a main eventer consistently.

CM Punk
Daniel Bryan
Dean Ambrose
Antonio Cesaro

Why THOSE 5? Jericho, Triple H, and The Undertaker are ATTRACTIONS, not main eventers anymore, despite what WWE fanboys will try to have you believe. For TNA? All but one is a former World Title holder.......

AJ Styles
Austin Aries
Kurt Angle
Bobby Roode
Christopher Daniels

The best part? Only ONE is a former WWE guy. You REALLY want to tell me Austin Aries and CM Punk aren't on the same level? Right. I doubt VERY much you'll get many takers on that. PLUS, with so many moves on Vince McMahon's move ban list, it'd be a hard sell anyway as to whether or not WWE can REALLY compare to TNA's ranks.

4. Money.....

You can hand THIS assessment to the backs of Steve Austin, The Rock, Mick Foley, and the rest of the performers from the Attitude Era. Why? Because MOST of the excess WWF was enjoying from the Hogan Era in the 80's was spent TRYING to break past WCW in the years of the Monday Night War. Once WCW had gone under, WWE HAD no competition to share those profits with and, consequently, was able to pocket untold millions of dollars. 

There IS one point I WOULD contest....that there are DOZENS of investors out there who would put their hard earned dollars towards the saving of WWE from any dire straits WWE MIGHT ever face. Remember when I had you put your finger in the SPIKE TV agreement with TNA? HERE'S where WWE made a HUGE mistake. Check the archives....there was NEVER a difference or shift in ratings when WWE was with Spike TV from 2001-2004. THIS is a horrible misjudgment by a great MANY WWE fanboys. WWE broke their agreement with Spike early and, since Spike didn't have a wrestling show to fit in place, TNA was their ultimate revenge, giving rise to a new rival in, what is likely to be a renewal of a wrestling war reminiscent of WCW WITHOUT some of the politics that came with the fall. 

Additionally, since WWE profits funded TWO failed Senate runnings by former CEO Linda McMahon, there are FEW billionaire the caliber of Donald Trump, who is potentially slated to be inducted to the WWE Hall of Fame this year, by the way, who would throw in money to save Vince these days. 

5. "WWE rejects".......

Since 2002, TNA relied on the startup of their venture by using an influx of former WWE talents....some had been misused, others had been burned by their former employer, but all legitimately wanted to prove themselves on a stage that was willing to give them a shot to reach a potential they had been denied with WWE. Anderson, Christian, Ron Killings, Raven, and others were NEVER allowed to hit their strides BEFORE TNA. SOME were never given a gimmick that could work to their advantage in a singles run. Still others were sick of having to put fashion models through their paces AND make them into wrestlers when WWE CLEARLY has enough MONEY to afford to buy the contract of trainers who could do the job. 

NOW, before ANYONE goes and tries to say more than half of TNA's roster is former WWE performers, let me spoil it all and say that out of more than 50 performers ranging from commentators, ring announcers, and even characters not being currently used on screen, only 16 came from WWE. Sorry guys, but your assessment holds little water. From those 16, 13 are actual wrestlers. Let me ALSO remind you WWE fanboys that between 2008 and 2012, WWE released over 150 wrestlers from contract in their annual spring cleaning of "excessive" contracts they have no intention of ever promoting. Among THOSE ranks are talents like Shelton Benjamin, MVP, Melina, John Morrison, Anderson, Carlito, Chris Masters, and tag team pairings that helped hold down a workable Tag Team Division. Think about it. 150 people were told that they had a future and then, sometimes only weeks into their contract, they are released and then told they can not only NOT compete for a televised competitor, but that their persona has to be changed as well. For SOME, it's easy, but for others, not so much. 

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