Thursday, February 7, 2013

Survival Tactix: Battleground.....

With WWE trying to tilt the playing field, TNA has their work cut out for them. My suggestion? Change the rules. If WWE wants to play this game as they did 20+ years ago, TNA has a few options.

1. WWE's schedule is ironclad. This means they are LOCKED into the schedule they already have planned. For example, right now, WWE is booked all the way out to July 30....meaning they are committed to their schedule and they can't escape that, at least not without sacrificing MILLIONS of dollars' worth in funds to paying customers who just want to see a show in their respective towns. TNA has a chance to outwit the fox by simply using THEIR schedule as the list of places to AVOID. WWE will be in Indiana and Connecticut in the time frame TNA begins their road tour. Keeping a full state between them will ensure they have a fighting chance. Additionally, when WWE makes THEIR trips overseas in April to Europe AND to Australia in July, it will give TNA the OPTIMAL opportunity to have free reign over any part of the States they wish to traverse.

2. Live and taped shows every other week is a good way to keep things interesting. It's a cheap hybrid and a good financially responsible way of achieving an end that satisfies everyone. By using that method, they can bide their time and do so in a way that may be slower, but is a much more sure plan than trying to go head to head in a battle that could lead to a head on collision with the big company in town. It DOES mean fewer towns will be able to house such a spectacle, but it ALSO means that of the  towns that remain, there is a greater chance of TNA having a successful turnout. Fact is, even IF WWE decides to change their taping schedule to coincide with TNA's LIVE broadcasts to Thursday, as some reports are suggesting, if TNA isn't even in the same STATE, the endeavor will be moot.

3. Make sure EVERY talent they need is signed. WWE can be ruthless when they want to be, and that means the Million Dollar Man's motto comes into play here. "Every man has a price." It's been suggested that Amazing Red was pulled from the "One Night Only" PPV TNA shot last month because he is either in negotiations or has signed a contract with WWE and he isn't the only one. On the short list of talents WWE has been scouting, Alex Shelley, whose contract has been long expired has been on the list for a while now. Men who are after the money in the business are looking in the right place. If there is one thing TNA does NOT need, it's friends turned rivals. the game of survival, Vince is a master, but I would NOT be so quick to dismiss an ally of TNA, who has been at the helm for a couple of years now. Despite critics and his enemies' assessments of his treatments of the TNA product, Eric Bischoff is battle hardened and has learned valuable lessons from his last bout with Vincent Kennedy McMahon. WCW's fall was NOT in vain and, I believe, that Lockdown will begin this quest for growth. This year is FAR more critical for TNA than any year previous and because of this, they must be cautious moving forward.

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