Monday, February 18, 2013

Survival Tactix: Echoes.....

Destination X, July 8th, 2012-

Following the 4th match of the night, a figure cam down the ramp who had been absent since February of 2011. Jesse Sorenson, who had been injured in an X Division #1 Contenders' Match that night, walked down under his own power to thank the fans for their support in the months that followed the accident the left him paralyzed for weeks. He vowed vengeance on Zema Ion, wishing him a year in which the X Division Title would be in his possession when he finally DID return so he could claim his revenge and initiate "Option C" to stand at the top of the TNA mountain and reign as World Champion.

If sources I've been hearing are correct, Jesse is soon to be revealed as a member of the Aces and Eights, creating a great deal of difficulty for RVD, the current champion of the X Division. It just MIGHT be that a match between RVD and Zema Ion COULD take place in which RVD LOSES the title with help and then that help turns on Ion and takes that feud to conclusion. Sorenson has the ability in ring, the question will become.....can he get it done with a mic in hand?

Devon, Taz, Hogan, Ray, Anderson, Angle, Daniels, Aries, Roode.....every last one can help boost Sorenson into the volumes of great heel talkers of this day and, provided he's open to improving, I see NO reason why he COULDN'T ascend to the very top this year. If he is able to begin his quest by initiating a title change on behalf of Ion and then go directly to work, he COULD capture the belt and hold it until July, at which time he could then initiate a small feud with the GM of the company for not stating for the record what was to happen to the Aries-created "Option C" clause, allowing the X Division Champion the chance to challenge for the World Title going into Destination X. With the annual event now cancelled, this makes for a tantalizing story that ACHES to be told.

Does a member so new to the TNA roster DESERVE to be in the top tier so early in his career? I think there are few people who are better suited to answering THAT question than former TNA X Division Champion Kid Kash, who stated in an episode of TNA Today that the young Jesse reminded him of AJ Styles in his early days. From a man of HIS tenure, HIS experience, HIS unique vantage point in the wrestling business, I think I'll go along with an opinion like that. But anyone who STILL needs some convincing, have a look......


  1. I just thought of something, what if wwe releasing part 2 of nitro is their message to tna that the last group to cross them ended years ago and they think they can end another company, wrestling wars?

  2. Please respond, it is in my opinion a valid argument that it could a message to them