Sunday, February 17, 2013

Survival Tactix: Fallen.....

On multiple separate occasions, Christopher Daniels has been a main event contender for TNA. Unbreakable 2005, Turning Point 2009, Final Resolution 2009, and two weeks back were opportunities for TNA to do something special and give one of the longest running players on their roster his just desserts and allow him the chance to hold the World Heavyweight Championship. His opponents could have been AMAZING "Match of the Year" candidates from match name alone. Bobby Roode vs. Daniels, Austin Aries vs. Daniels, Jeff Hardy vs. Daniels, the list could go on and on. The point is, "The Fallen Angel" has done nearly everything else there is to do on the TNA roster.

In his bouts vs. Joe and Styles, he was brilliant. In fact, Unbreakable, in MY opinion, beat out EVERY other "Match of the Year" contenders on the ticket. Shawn Michaels vs. Kurt Angle was a dream match and both men were at the top of their game, but in the eyes of THIS columnist, Unbreakable of 2005's Triple Threat for the X Division Title took the honors by sheer high intensity and pacing. THIS was just another day at the office for the three contenders and I DO mean that. Joe, Styles, and Daniels proved they were capable of putting together a match that could HUGE wonders to the credibility of the TNA brand.

Could TNA bring Christopher Daniels all the way into the top tier without taking anything away from his poise? I'd like to think so. If they can have enough confidence in his abilities to PUT him in a match at the main event level, one would think they'd eventually have enough confidence in him to give him the biggest prize the promotion has to offer. With only a few year left on his career, TNA has limited time to do something more with him than simply give him lip service. In recent interviews, he has said he has PLENTY of time as he's still in prime shape.

With his last bout against the World Champ in the books, his heel tactics proved worthy of his spot as one of wrestling's best, but without the gold to prove any case, in honor of what COULD be a GREAT year for "The Fallen Angel", here's a bit of video to consider......

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