Friday, February 22, 2013

Survival Tactix: The Final Overture....

Now that the tapings from the U.K. have run through, we can FINALLY discuss the last two weeks without any spoilers from least not ones that are always, any predictions that DO come true are just educated guesses from watching the patterns and seeing where they lead. SO, since I've got a few thoughts to share, I may as well get right down to it.....

1. Bully Ray is finally announced as the Number 1 Contender for the World Heavyweight Title. Wait just a second.....he didn't-he didn't compete in the tournament. This much I before we gripe about how Magnus or WHOEVER didn't get to win the chance to go on, I'd like to make a prediction right now.....we'll see a GREAT match if it goes down as planned. However, if anyone believes that Hardy is coming away with the belt from THIS, you're crazy. Now that his contract is under lock and key, there is now no longer a chance of Hardy defecting, not that he ever would.

2. Velvet Sky is the new Knockouts Champion.....she's had this coming for some time now. Welcome back, and here's your A feel good moment, if you ask me.....cue up the return of someone who CLAIMS to have nothing left to achieve in TNA, Angelina Love. If TNA still has it in them to bring back a few former Knockouts for their Women's Taped PPV Event, it might behoove them to include former champions like Angelina on that list. In the bringing back of a few former talents AND make overtures towards the acquisition of new ones, there might be a good chance of reviving the magic that lay beneath some of the pillars toppled.

3. Kenny King is on a slow boat right now and I can't, for the life of me, figure out why. In my humble opinion, when King left RVD to pick up a Carbon Footprint from Matt Morgan a month and a half ago, THAT would have been when I would have started to build that into something opportunity to have some legs attached to an RVD vs. King feud worth fighting for. His opportunist persona allowing RVD to get his head kicked in just to weaken the champ is EXACTLY what the X Division needs....some storyline to give backbone to the division.

4. Devon needs a challenger....I mean a REAL challenger. Someone he can look at and say "Sweet MERCY! Lemme out of here!" Joe hasn't been that. Neither was Robbie E. Now that Rob Terry is on his own again, HE might be a worthy challenger, but Devon, as charismatic as he is, NEEDS a foil to make the TV Title appear to have some life again. When HE'S holding the belt, the title scene falls apart and I can't really even put my finger on why that is, but it just is.

5. Jeff Hardy has been booked to look as unbeatable as John Cena. Let me make it simple....just because Hardy is TNA's merchandise mover DOESN'T mean he should be treated like WWE's cash cow. I will grant that he EARNED his spot back after Victory Road of 2011 and has been the picture of patient with TNA Creative in getting him back to the big dance, but the dance card has been filled and, unless there are plans to create a brand new start by having them dethrone the "unstoppable force" that is Jeff Hardy, he needs to stand aside and let the newbies have their shot now.

6. So Gut Check begins once more next month. Okay....let me stress something REALLY important for TNA to remember. Everyone on that list NEEDS to have a desire to be on the list to begin with, otherwise you have complications like that of this month. There is simply no reason for TNA to EVER have this kind of problem. Ever.

These are just a few random thoughts.

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