Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Survival Tactix: Going Live.....

To those who initiated this little "Battlefield" pairing of columns, I want to stress that I DON'T criticize ANYONE for preferring one product over the other. I DO, however, insist on having balance in the perspective taken. WWE's fan following is to be commended if that preference is simply a matter of personal taste, which is irreplaceable and unique per every person out there. NOW, the fanboys who mistakenly believe there will NEVER come a time when WWE could potentially fall on hard times had better re-read the history books and do a little research as to how close they came to going under in the mid to late 90's. Having done all I set out to do, I really have little more to prove in combating a mindset that is divisive, at best, and pointless, at worst.

And so with that in mind, I want to move forward and address things coming. First, on the OFFICIAL Facebook page of a VERY disgruntled AJ Styles, the latest post reads: "Watch Impact this Thursday." That's it. Tell me THAT isn't intriguing. I've been saying that I believe AJ will have another run with the World Heavyweight Title as soon as this year, but the road to getting there begins this week. What's with the cryptic message? I get the sense that he won't come back quite the same man as the one who left. In fact, I doubt very much he'll be a face or a heel, but rather something a bit of each. I've seen him grow as a performer and it's fascinating to have a TNA Original give off a sense of mystery, particularly when it comes to him.

In OTHER TNA news, tomorrow night ALSO marks another Gut Check Challenge, this time with TWO potential members of the Knockouts Division. I have high hopes for both women as they are BOTH top notch performers in their own right. Ivelisse Valez, a former NXT contestant, who was released in the last spring cleaning WWE did of talent "clutter", as they have come to regard those they have little time for, will face off against the niece of The Barbarian of WCW and WWF fame, Lei'd Tapa. In most ironic fashion, I see TNA picking up Valez' contract as her FORMER persona, Sofia Cortez, was known as the "Anti-Diva"....aggressive strategy if they play it that way. Just for kicks, here's a pic of each.....

ALSO, the final member sound off for the Lethal Lockdown match. In other words, we'll see the revelation of WHO goes into the structure with Sting and Devon. I wouldn't be surprised to see Kurt Angle blindsided by the Bischoff/Brisco pairing. I ALSO look forward to see what kind of development we'll see from Matt Morgan and Joey Ryan as their ability to communicate has been dissolving quickly. My hope is that each man will be able to move forward as singles performers as Morgan's rise NEEDS to come sooner than later.

Another thing intriguing me right now is the ultimate goal of Aries and Roode attempting to hold all the gold at the same time. A noble goal, to be sure, but I DO have to question whether or not TNA officials OR those who are making the decision to GIVE both the ball to run with. I, for one, vote for the pairing as they, along with Daniels and Kazarian, are the BEST things happening right now in the world of Tag Team wrestling. Since WWE's division is now on life support, TNA has the perfect time to strike while the iron is HOT.

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