Sunday, February 17, 2013

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Turning Point 2011- AJ Styles vs. Bobby Roode for the World Heavyweight Title

That was the last time Styles as had his sights on the gold and THIS year's Bound for Glory will mark the first opportunity for him to challenge for the big belt again. This has been a long time waiting and, from every report I've read, TNA has the intention of bringing him full circle to become contender at the big event this year. This begs a couple of questions, though.....

1. Who will be holding the big gold once his time of waiting is over?
2. Could he contend sooner by utilizing the "Option C" clause in the X Division?

I'm of two minds on the idea of AJ Styles rejoining the X Division and winning the belt, only to trade it in for his World Title shot. If he does this, it will mean stealing an opportunity to bring back a heel or face Jesse Sorenson and capitalize on his return. If he WAITS, he may end up FACING that heel or face Sorenson anyway.

The way things seem to be looking right now, TNA wants Matt Morgan, Bully Ray, and AJ Styles in the main event mix for sure with Jeff Hardy, Magnus, and potentially Jesse Sorenson in contention for that big belt as contenders. Whether each is able to be featured as World Title holders remains to be seen, but TNA wouldn't have taken him off TV without the intention of the top brass making him a force to be reckoned with upon his return.

My suggestion? I say we have a look at what happens when Lockdown aftermath begins. If Styles returns as a face, I predict he'll combat a heel Jesse Sorenson and attempt to enforce "Option C. If Sorenson returns as a face, I predict a heel Styles return and that he'll feud in a long term program with his eventual Bound for Glory World Title opponent.

Either way, hardcore TNA fans will get to see a true "Face of the company" and those who try to say that TNA is only about pushing former WWE players can simply be silent and enjoy being wrong.

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