Saturday, February 16, 2013

Survival Tactix: South.....

January, 2010- Hernandez and Matt Morgan part company.

Both men were slated to have a good year when Hernandez injured his shoulder, leading to TNA Creative pulling the plug on the pairing. The PLAN was for Hernandez to work in Mexico as a part of a PR campaign to rally support for the brand. As he allowed his injury to heal and trained for his return, TNA had the notion to push BOTH Hernandez AND Matt Morgan into the main event picture with Morgan as the top heel and Hernandez as the top heel, but the general feeling at the time was that Hernandez hadn't taken enough time to work on improving his in-ring persona.

Once his feud with Morgan was over, he returned to Mexico and didn't return until February, when the Mexican America was established shortly thereafter. Once Anarquia was released, it seemed as though TNA would again push the Mexican mainstay, but with an already underway Bound for Glory Series, he once again was held in a tag team tactician spot and has remained such to this day. SOME within the organization are wanting to re-push him to the top tier as a way to combat Alberto Del Rio, but they are REALLY wanting to push a Hispanic talent who can talk for himself and THAT has been a point of contention as he isn't a very effective microphone worker.

As far as I'M concerned, there is little to prevent TNA from giving him a spokesman to air what grievances and such to take him to the top of the card. Just let the actions and words of his spokesperson do the rest. For those who don't believe his Border Toss has merit, I give you THIS as an example of how nasty it can look.....

Simplicity in terms of execution, but it requires the kind of beast Super Mex is to pull it off. Both Sheamus and Hernandez have used this particular move, but where Sheamus' reminds me of the "Razor's Edge" finisher from Razor Ramon, Hernandez has a Kevin Nash powerbomb flair with a full release and some HUGE hang time, making for a more devastating move on the whole.

TNA has one problem with pulling the trigger NOW......the Tag Team Division. With he and Chavo helping tack down the Tag Team Division and keep the vitality going, you can be sure he'll be in that division as long as both are satisfied in that role. Once THAT time has come, look out, because a bigger title will be needed to keep Super Mex calm and without complaints.

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