Thursday, February 28, 2013

Survival Tactix: T Minus One Week to Go....

With one last week of Impact before Lockdown, I think the post from the 3rd of this month was the prediction that won the day. Entitled "Lethal", I picked each member of Sting's entourage. I was wrong about the Aces. Dead wrong. Devon, Garett, Anderson, DOC, and Knox vs. Sting, Joe, Magnus, James Storm, and Eric Young SHOULD be a decent match, at least on paper. We all know SOMETHING'S going down that night. Exactly WHAT? THAT, folks, is the question of the day.

I have a few thoughts surrounding this week's Impact I'd like to share....

1. Is it just me or did anyone else see AJ Styles riding away from his house on a motorcycle as foreshadowing? AJ Styles as a member of the Aces and Eights? Maybe, but I'm not going to count on it until I get something more concrete to sink my teeth into.

2. Ivelisse Valez a.k.a. Sofia Cortez won her match in a way that would make Ken Shamrock proud with the guillotine choke. Do I congratulate her NOW? Truth be told, I think BOTH would make tremendous additions to the Knockouts Division and would add some diversity to the current palette of Knockouts on the roster. However, if TNA is only wanting to offer ONE contract, I say pick Valez as she stands a great chance of getting TV time quicker, potentially avoiding ANY time in the OVW purgatory that has held all but Christian York away from the full time roster.

3. I'm glad to see Kenny King winning the "All or Nothing" challenge put to him by RVD. Truth be told, TNA has needed to have a new champion in that department for some time and finally, they've put it together.

4. Rob Terry and Robbie E. are no more. It's about time. I hope this is the platform Terry can use to put him into a more productive path towards the World Title. Before anyone gets their pitchforks or shovels and attempts to use them in a manner OTHER than intended, I DID say "towards" the title. I DO NOT think Rob Terry is ready for that kind of push. I DO, however, believe a strong run with the TV Title would be worth watching.

5. The return of Eric Young is EXACTLY how I would have done it. Using "Showtime" was a nice touch, by the way. Anyone who watched him in his years with Team Canada HAD to have gotten a nice little kick out of that, as I did. My question NOW is what about ODB? Where does SHE fit into his return?

6. THIS was a truly wonderful outing by TNA this week and I expect nothing short of the same, with Bobby Roode on tap as well as the Gut Check Decision Segment and the Numbers Advantage Match for Lethal Lockdown. I also expect to see some kind of last minute revelation to hook those who've been following the product for the past year into ordering the PPV. MY guess is the pulling of one final mask before the PPV......the VP of the Aces and Eights. The president should wait until Lockdown before making him/herself known, but the VP would be a nice touch to finish off the night on the book end episode of the Impact Zone Era.

7. Chicago, I envy you. You get to see the fallout from the Texas brawl itself up close and in person, which is sure to be a nice little gathering. I also LOVE the idea of taking to the fanbase for ideas of where to go next. It certainly saves them from some of the WWE edging tactics to keep them out of certain markets. I look forward to see where this takes TNA as a national entity moving into the rest of the 2013 year.

And THAT about sums up all but one last thought, but I'll save that until tomorrow....until then.....

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