Friday, February 1, 2013

Survival Tactix: Thrive....

So the decision is final. TNA goes on the road. The details are outlined something like this:
TNA will go on the road, running TWO shows per venue. This means every other week, Impact will be taped while the alternated week will run LIVE. If the show were a chapter book, in the first city the new format happens, TNA will tape chapter 2 and THEN run live with chapter 1. This format is nothing new.....

Back when WWE was running two shows PER BRAND, Sunday Night Heat would be taped on Mondays before RAW and then would air the Sunday following. In accordance with keeping to storylines, commentators would talk about events that happened on Heat in the past tense even though there was a week's worth of time passed between episodes. Velocity would run the same format, taping on Tuesdays ahead of Smackdown and airing Saturday evening.

Dixie Carter has made the announcement that this move is PERMANENT. Far from the experiment which was Monday Night Impact, this alternating LIVE format promises to be MUCH more successful as the live crowd feel ALWAYS brings an X Factor to the equation. Combine THAT with a wholly different crowd every other night and you have a formula that is as well tested as gravity.

By now, the revelation of Wes Brisco and Garett Bischoff has been made....not a bad pair of no means my FAVORITE revelation, but decent enough. Though the next three picks should be something special, my biggest hope is that the Leader of the pack plays out to be worth the outrageously long wait.

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