Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Survival Tactix: WHAT?!

MAN! You take a day off and the world starts spinning out of control. The International Olympic Committee has decided to remove Wrestling from the 2020 Olympic docket. TNA, and their resident Olympian, Kurt Angle have had MUCH to say about the decision. Without going into too much detail, TNA has issued a challenge to WWE and other wrestling organizations to use whatever outlets they have at their disposal to help reverse the decision of the Olympic Committee. My response? I think it's a GREAT idea for TNA to be the first to speak out on this. Why? Because it sets a precedent.

Moving into OTHER news from within the organization, in a recent interview with Kazarian, he mentioned the possibility of there only being TWO cage matches on the Lockdown PPV. While I can appreciate the tweaking of certain matches to accommodate how the storyline will play out, in MY opinion, you CAN'T take the cage away from the PPV. Simple as that. Lockdown isn't LOCKDOWN without a cage to LOCK. Tell me I'm not alone on this.

With things as they are, TNA is on par to do some GREAT sales for the Chicago LIVE traveling show debut. Now that the lease on the Universal lot has been allowed to expire, TNA is now looking to make each new arena they come into their own Impact Zone. TNA has needed to make this change to their programming for some time and now is the best time for them to make their statement to the world that they ARE ready to stand as a national power AS WELL as an international one. Looking back, the first toying with the idea went as well as could be expected, considering the storylines on the docket at the time.

The show in Chicago is going to be good. Why? TNA will be landing there just DAYS from Lockdown and THAT, folks, is going to be a day of storyline advancement leading into one of the remaining 4 PPVs on TNA's ticket. From what I've heard about the sales, only the cheapest seats remain and since THAT'S the case, TNA will have to open up more for the selling. This is grand news for the first date on the TNA traveling showcase.

With continuing emphasis on Bully Ray as the son-in-law of Hulk Hogan and the husband of the VP of the Knockouts Division, it begs the question of whether or not he is the real deal or just another swerve from the writing table of a Vince Russo wannabe. I, for one, hope not. Why? Mostly because I abhor the thought of TNA reverting to tactics he favored. Swerves for the sake of swerving, twists where they made no sense, a face/heel turn without any reason......don't even think about bringing up 2010 with the Hogan/Bischoff regime's first attempts at a long term storyline....it was pathetic. It was incredibly difficult to muddle through the grime to try and find SOMETHING worthwhile to make mention of. I DO, however, mention a few things that DID come from that time.....the Bound for Glory Series, which gave Bobby Roode and James Storm their rise to the top of the card, the reign of Matt Morgan as the sole bearer of the World Tag Team Titles, and the first run of Mr. Anderson as World Champion.

Nevermind the backward look at the misgivings of the current regime, what truly matters here is how the convergence of the Aces and Eights storyline with that of the relationship of Bully Ray and the Hogan family. With Bully Ray at the helm of this story, can there be any denial that someone new is getting a shot at the biggest title in TNA? As I've said many times before, TNA is building a terrific top tier that can't be beaten by any federation out there, INCLUDING WWE. Bully Ray, Jeff Hardy, Mr. Anderson, Bobby Roode, Kurt Angle, Samoa Joe, AJ Styles, Sting, James Storm, RVD, Austin Aries.....all former champions. For those who keep doggedly reminding the masses of the "WWE rejects" TNA has in the ranks, you'll note that Joe, Roode, Aries, Styles, and Storm in those numbers and with the inclusion of squandered talents WWE REFUSED to give a shot like Morgan, Anderson, even Elijah Burke before his parting ways with TNA, there have been a great many talents TNA has breathed new life into.

I don't intend to make this into any kind of rant on TNA's soapbox, but I DO intend to ask those masses who ran at the first sign of political upheaval from Hulk Hogan to give it another chance. Even WITH Hogan as the authority figure, the show isn't bad. It's been MUCH better than....well....you know what I mean.


  1. One question... now that TNA is going on the road, what happens to sting? one of the reasons he joined TNA is because they are a stationary show for the most part. will he retire now? or make a run in WWE before he ends it?

  2. He should stay, if they do well traveling wwe will have a massive problem with a growing tna