Sunday, February 10, 2013

Survival Tactix: Where is AJ?

If someone knew ANYTHING about the TNA product, they would bring up a few guys, but the one near the top of the list would be AJ Styles. But my question and the question I've been asked more than a few times is "Where IS AJ Styles?" And my response? A fair question that we can explore. So let's do some exploring.......

Just yesterday, Pro Wrestling Insider's website ran a Dixie Carter story, running down the announcements made during the Bellator Fighting event. A note unmentioned during that fight was the interaction between Carter and the long absent Styles. Little was said concerning if there was any exchange in dialogue, but she DID use the words "Cold, distant, and unapproachable," perhaps saying that no words were exchanged at all.

At least we know he's around, at least. But why not on TV? The reasoning here is quite simple. AJ Styles has been playing the face role for the time since Fortune split from Immortal and, to be quite blunt, he's had a tough time of it, to say the least. Being booked in arguably the worst storyline from 2012, AJ has taken the abuse from creative and they know it. SO, in response, they felt AJ needed a breath of fresh air. His promo was worth the price of admission and it did the job quite nicely. Upon his return, I believe we'll see a Styles more aggressive and with the hunger as in the days of old.

As for when he'll return? I wouldn't be a bit surprised if AJ returns at Lockdown, but I ALSO wouldn't be surprised if he waits until the Thursday following and makes a HUGE statement leading to the build for Slammiversary. Whatever the case, I doubt very much we'll see AJ Styles in a WRESTLING capacity until after Lockdown at the SOONEST. So long as TNA keeps mentioning his name on camera, I'm sure the fans won't be disappointed with what they see upon his return.

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