Saturday, February 16, 2013

Survival Tactix: Working....

TNA has a bit of a dilemma on their hands. In the weeks leading up to Lockdown, they may have to change their plans on having Bully Ray as the leading man going in to face Jeff Hardy for the title. As reported on various news sites, Bully has a torn quad which MAY force TNA to rethink him as the man to finally dethrone Hardy. As for who could replace him in so short a time? THAT truly IS something to explore. SO, let's explore......

James Storm......

After his little flash in the bucket feud with Bad Influence, he's just been lounging around, waiting to get his next shot, but nothing has been coming down the pike for the Cowboy. However, him getting a shot like that would be a bit premature, by MY way of thinking. Proper build and suitable fanfare has not yet been doled out for such a time. On the other hand, he IS winning his matches going forward in the current tourney, so who knows? I give him 15 % chance of taking the title shot.

Samoa Joe......

So many people have complained to TNA that he isn't getting the chance to shine as he did just a few years back. Keep in mind, though, that his "no contest" opponent from this past week hadn't arrived up until that time. Once he did, a great deal changed. Bad booking on the part of the creative team led by Vince Russo killed his credibility and the storyline that had held him as a threat for the years following. As a result, I DO see him winning against Angle here, but I very much doubt he'll advance to the golden round to face Hardy. I'll go with 10 % chances there.

Bobby Roode/Austin Aries.....
This pairing has me intrigued, along with their quest to win all the gold in TNA. I happen to LOVE every minute of it. Both are worthy of the accolades, both have enough talent to HOLD every belt as a pairing, and both have an equal shot of doing just that. I give them 20% chances apiece. Why 20%? Because I believe TNA has something ELSE up their sleeves. With the former Tag Champions continuing to feud with Money's Worth, I just don't entirely see a divided attention title win for either one.


He lost a bit of momentum against Samoa Joe for the TV Title, but if they put him against Joe in the quarterfinal, I believe we'll see him get the W to move on. Right now, TNA is looking for the next first time champion and, it wouldn't surprise me to see the Brit take his place. I give Magnus the highest percent left.....35% chances here.

If you've read the spoilers, it all makes sense for the tournament to take place ALONGSIDE Hogan's decision, particularly when you look at the situation with Ray. If TNA were to simply take Bully off the cards until Lockdown, he'd have been well enough to compete for a great match, but under the circumstances, I have my doubts. I think we'll see a shift coming out of the taping format on the February 28th and March 7th episode, the final show from the Impact Zone. This will ALSO be the final show leading into Lockdown and WILL finalize most everything on the card going in. That means we'll have a good idea of whether or not the tourney will be necessary or not.

Since the February 28th exits the UK Tapings schedule, I believe TNA should STILL keep the tourney going, moving the following matches into that week:

Joe vs. Angle
Magnus vs. James Storm
Aries vs. Roode

Since Magnus and Storm have already finished their matches, moving on doesn't seem like too big a deal. My impression is that Joe and Roode will be moving on into the following round and Magnus will get a bye week, meaning he'll face the winner of the Joe vs. Roode matchup, moving Magnus vs. Roode into the final round going into the March 7th live show. That show will see Magnus as the new contender and possibly a face-off between Ray and Magnus for that contenders shot, which Magnus will win, provided the quad tear hasn't been addressed. THUS, Magnus vs. Hardy at Lockdown.

I understand SOME will disagree with this, but take some notes here. TNA is TRYING to build new stars....TNA ORIGINAL stars. Of those stars who COULD be considered, only Magnus has the chance to DO something with this opportunity NOW. Everyone else in the contest is a former champion. Think about it. Magnus COULD be a good alternative to Bully Ray if the injury is too severe for him to fight through.

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