Saturday, March 30, 2013

Rants from Ringside: Delusional Ex Divas

So, after WWE’s recent push to get former WWE diva’s back on the roster has fallen kind of to the side, the division has been on my mind. With the Bella Twins being the only two to take the bait, I have to wonder, was it worth all the effort to try and get these women back on the roster. All that was really accomplished by doing that was showing everyone that the division is so weak that they are needing their old talent back, and adding the Bella Twins to the roster which I am not totally sure that that is a good thing.

Some recent interviews with former WWE Diva’s have me a little perplexed on what show they are watching. Now I understand political correctness. I am a handicap kid who hates the word “handicap” and have had many an argument with people who say the word cripple should not be used. Having said that, I understand that if you have had success with a company and have left on relatively good terms, it is not politically correct to come out and say that the division is in need but after reading interviews from talent such as Trish Stratus and Beth Phoenix I wonder if they realize that they are watching WWE.

Both women agree that the current talent have what it takes to be big stars. Beth even went as far as to say that this is the perfect time to be a Diva. Her explanation of that is that the women that make up the Diva division today can focus totally on their wrestling ability and they don’t have to worry about their sexuality so much. While I do agree that the WWE is not focusing on the beauty of the women, I also don’t think they are training them the way they should. There is no doubt that given the proper training some of these women have the athletic ability to step up and be great stars. But too many of the matches put on by Diva’s are predictable, sloppy and don’t have any impact on anything.

I’m not saying that every Diva’s match needs to be perfect and has to have some great importance, but it would be nice to see one match that didn’t leave me thinking “Wow whole thing could have been featured on Botchamania and why the hell did I have to watch it?” I think pro wrestling in general needs to take a step back and look at how women have been treated throughout its history. The one’s that were not trained right and still had a passion for the business, were valets. I mean look at Miss Elizabeth, she was beautiful, loved the business, or at least the guys (Macho Man could and Lex Lugar can attest to that). She was still a very important part of the wrestling scene through the mid 80’s all the way up to the late 1990’s. All I am saying is that every woman who wants to be in the wrestling business does not automatically have a place as a wrestler just because she is hot or can take a decent bump.

As I have stated before, I try not to be too hard on WWE because they are what I grew up with. I have been watching their product for over 20 years and I know that they have their ups and their downs. I guess I just get frustrated when I see things get so bad and everyone comes out and starts talking like they are great. Don’t be delusional, the Diva’s division and the company in general are in the worst state they have been in a very long time. This is completely off topic but you know a company is doing something wrong when you get a top tier guy like Dolph Ziggler come out and say that it pisses him off that part timers are headlining Wrestlemania. I mean, one of your main attractions should not be bashing the company like that. As always thanks for reading and watch for a new type of column coming later today.

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