Friday, March 15, 2013

Survival Tactix: Aftermath.....

It's been a few days now. I'll be honest, I needed the time away. It gave me some perspective on the way I've been looking at certain things, but I'll get into that later. I got a chance to read some columns, most of which were very positive on the TNA brand. That makes me happy to see. I watched Impact this week. I HAVE to tell the truth here, I saw more potential in it than some, but it could have been a better showing for the night. For most people I talked to, there was too much talking, but when I asked them what happened at Lockdown, it began to makes sense that TNA NEEDED to have some of this stuff to build into the next phase of the story....the takeover. This isn't Immortal. This is MUCH better than that. Why? Because the inmates are running the asylum. Immortal was simply a bad boss with his cronies.

Bully Ray is the President. Good. I'm happy it isn't Brooke. I'm OVERJOYED it isn't a Hogan or a Bischoff. As much as I like the man, I'm glad it isn't Jarrett. This week's episode and the news surrounding TNA this week has had me so exasperated with circumstances that I had no clue how to respond to it all.....let me illustrate.

7 former Knockouts so far have denied TNA's request for an appearance at the One Night Only Knockouts PPV. My question is why? Why would all 7 women deny a chance to be on an all Knockouts PPV? To me, this would be a HUGE perk, having a stage all to yourself, being able to showcase to a more full degree. Out of all the names that have been contacted, there are TWO glimmers of hope, in my eyes.....Taylor Wilde and Salinas. Keep your fingers crossed. It'd be INCREDIBLE to see both back in TNA after the break.

TNA has been doing some financial adjustments to better afford the journey on the road. Unfortunately, these adjustments are wreaking havoc on the roster. Without going into too much detail, it's affecting the morale moving forward. This is bad, people, but there was a time when the same thing was going on during the transition from the Asylum to the Impact Zone as well, so it's a tough thing to really call one way or another.

RVD's contract is up and he hasn't resigned any paperwork yet, which is why he wasn't at the PPV on Sunday. Do they let him go? In my eyes he did a decent enough job putting over Kenny King, but the endeavor was too late. I DON'T think he should stick around. I think he needs to be away from the product now. Just let the bait go and leave well enough alone.

Last minute negotiations led Bobby Roode to a contract renewal, hence Aries and Roode retaining the Tag Team Titles. Some complain that the two belong in the main event and they do, but the Tag Team needs some leadership and these two work so well together and can give the division a push in the right direction. Those same people who complain about Aries and Roode forget about WWE tag teams like Big Show and Kane or Kane and RVD or Kane and Booker T or Jeri-Show or Edge and Randy Orton or a SLEW of others that WWE threw together to try and revamp their Tag Team Division.

I'll talk about some of this stuff in more detail as things develop, but for right now, it's enough. There's simply too much mix to really do a whole lot of justice to other than simply telling what's happened and trying to make sense of it all, so the break from here gave me a chance to take it all in, watch the patterns, get a feel for where things are moving, and adjust my vision accordingly. Now that I can see a little better, I say onward.....

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