Sunday, March 17, 2013

Survival Tactix: The Anti-Faction......

So here we are......three names on a list of either unwelcome or uninvited by Hulk Hogan. We have Sting, AJ Styles, and Matt Morgan. Styles wants nothing to do with being TNA's janitor, cleaning up the messes of somebody else, Matt Morgan feels compelled to clean up the current mess, and Sting is trying to sort out how bad the mess actually is. The point we CAN establish is that there is a mess involved and SOMEBODY needs to clean it up. The question is WHO? It's conceivable that there's potentially one, maybe two more involved in all this, but suffice it to say we've a list of potential candidates to reform something special with a couple of fence walkers to keep the balance of power from shifting in either direction. A stalemate. I HATE that word, particularly in regards to a story that shows no signs of movement.

It may sound as though I'm berating TNA for this, but nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, I'm glad for it, this time. Why? Because some familiar faces are getting back into the bigger picture to reform the opposing side to the faction. I hold that things won't turn until we have a definitive "savior" to rely on to lead the charge against a more powerful faction. Who might that leader be? I have a few suggestions as to who could do the job......

1. Matt Morgan.....I don't think he's the heel here. I just don't. I think he's somewhere in between and THAT makes him dangerous, because if Hogan gets involved with the affairs of the Blueprint, you can bet Mr. Morgan will make a Welcome mat out of Hulk's head. I think the best way to put him in the lead role is to simply provide backup if and when he needs it, nothing more.

2. Kurt Angle.....In spite of the beatdown, I still think he's a good choice as one to turn the tides. Do I think he'll lead the "anti-faction"? A good question. Angle works well as a team player in a stable situation, but something like this would require something else, something more. I'm thinking Main Event Mafia, but something more organized than even that.....something comprised of similarly sized gents to those represented by the Aces.

3. Eric Young......Now before you reach for the mouse to click away, we ALL remember him as the leader of World Elite and NO ONE can dispute his success there. No one. Does this mean an exit from the Knockouts Tag Division? Absolutely. Him leading the charge would do something I've wanted to see for quite some time, put him into a potential top tier role as a serious competitor. It would take a progression of things to bring this about, but I believe it'd be a dynamite story.

4. Abyss......I won't lie to you....I believe Joseph Park has outstayed his welcome. It was fun for a while, but now, I think it's time to bring back the guy with the bag of tacks. His return would revive the feud he was in the middle of before the Aces and Eights thing even began. Park needs to be shown the door, so that his brother can make his return. Abyss COULD be a leader. I understand the whole "brainless monster" schtick, but him LEADING the faction could turn him into a more "Bane-like" entity, with the intelligence to put behind the character, making him a far more versatile character, to boot.

I think these four above could also COMPRISE the gang and, with the integration of Samoa Joe, Magnus, and even Rob Terry, could put down some SERIOUS offensive posturing. With AJ Styles, Chris Sabin, and even Jesse Sorenson sitting on the fence, the balance of power could make it all play out quite nicely. Think about it.....

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