Friday, March 8, 2013

Survival Tactix: Four......

Yesterday, I explored the "what if" scenario of Bret Hart and I won't lie, I was a bit astonished. TNA misusing him? Admittedly, WCW DID misuse him, but when you take into consideration the conditions upon which his debut was cast, SOME of that misuse can be understood. Understood, NOT agreed upon. HOWEVER, TNA is NOT WCW. Some of their personnel are familiar, but never forget that this company was built around some of those talents that WCW never gave the chance at success to.....WWE too, for that matter.

Truth be told, Bret wasn't my idea for what to address this day. Last night, TNA put on a decent showing. I truly believe this was the best way they could have played their cards. Yeah, I was a little bit disappointed that they didn't bring Valez to the big dance even though she won her Gut Check match last week, but if they end up signing her anyway, I'm all good for that. I do have a couple of questions to which I have no answers.....

1. Where's Jay Bradley? He did win a contract, did he not? I've searched OVW's talent roster. Not there....was I right? Did D-Lo sign Bradley? The questions abound. If TNA decides to go all out with the storyline, I say they finish it off by bringing in the last of who they have on standby and just get this whole thing over with. THAT MEANS, if they have Chris Masters, Bradley, Crimson, and anyone else, they need them to bring them. If TNA wants to win the day, those loyal to the brand need to lose at Lockdown or win at a cost. In any case, the explanation MUST come with the final reveal....the President.

2. Why NOT pick Valez? Anyone who believes Ivelisse Valez is COMPLETELY done, go to OVW's website and give their roster a look over. While they may not have made it to the main roster, the Blossom Twins are on OVW's roster, along with Sam Shaw, Alex Silva, and Taeler Hendrix... and yes, EXCEPT Jay Bradley.

Lei'd Tapa may NOT have been my FIRST choice, but I will give the judges some credit for picking someone who could be legitimately different from the rest. Her size alone makes her a standout. PLUS, she has a lineage, which is a rarity on the female side of things in the top side of the wrestling business...particularly if she's going to get a decent push. In spite of NOT winning the day, I doubt very much that Valez is out of the running. I can see another option here....the faction. I've been saying that it might be possible for a woman to become a member and SHE'S about as good as it gets. Her background in MMA would go PERFECTLY here.

As for the rest of the show, I have nothing but good things to say. TNA played things pretty safe, utilizing the model I have come to expect, straight from an era near and dear. I have high hopes for this PPV and have a couple more columns with some startling news from the rumor mills, including another "what if" scenario. Stay tuned....

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