Sunday, March 3, 2013

Survival Tactix: "How Could You, Man?!"

This is the moment of truth, boys and girls. Angle unmasked the VP of the Aces and Eights on Impact, as all of you know. The problem is, none of US got to see who the man was. Because of his size, it begs the question of whether or not we could be looking at the "Monster" Abyss' return, but I have this feeling we'll get a more in depth storyline explaining all of that. For now, I'm going to make the prediction that the VP is none other than Joseph Park. Why? THAT is EXACTLY what Kurt Angle and the rest of the Impact Zone is going to want to know.

This begins a brand new story that could very well become the next big story arc involving the return of a couple of old characters. Even now, TNA is in the process of bringing in Judas Mesias for another run, meaning it COULD be that the return of Mesias will herald the complete transformation of Joseph Park into the "Monster" character we all remember. On the other hand, we could ALSO be looking at two completely separate characters who are being set for a confrontation down the road. Yes, the man playing the Joseph Park character is also the man behind the the Abyss mask, but if we're to suspend disbelief long enough for the story to play out, perhaps this is the other possibility for where this revelation is heading.

On a semi-related note, this Thursday marks the last Impact Wrestling broadcast from the Impact Zone. Although the next few One Night Only events will air from Orlando, Impact Wrestling will be traveling for the foreseeable future. On this week's show, we'll have a segment explaining the final segment of the February 28th show above. In addition to THAT, we'll have the Gut Check Knockout Contract decision, a Best-of-Three-Series to determine the numbers advantage for Lethal Lockdown, and further development of the AJ Styles situation.

The two final revelations are sure to be interesting, but I DO wonder if Jesse Sorenson will be revealed as a part of things as was predicted by a couple of sources. While rumors are winding down over the possibility of more than one revelation other than the VP of the faction, it remains up in the air as to what the final decision will be concerning the actual head of the organization. At one time, Hogan had been trying to push the idea of Brooke as the leader of the Aces, but that had met resistance early on by the rest of the Creative Team. It COULD be that this whole thing isn't simply one man at the top or one woman, but rather a trio. If it were me, I'd pick Chris Sabin, Jesse Sorenson, and Crimson, but the point behind THAT would be to simply throw off the trail of a Jarrett or a Bischoff being behind it all. A more complex storyline would make for a more interesting reveal once it all comes full circle.

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  1. when is the aces and eights storyline going to end as you have heard a million times,the storyline is getting boring.