Friday, March 29, 2013

Survival Tactix: Impact Rising......

TNA is doing something that SOME critics said they would never do.....they're putting up some REALLY good numbers on attendance. Sears Centre in Hoffman Estates, Illinois had about a 4,500 fan attendance. Corpus Christi's event is said to have sold out their original allotment of seats, so more had to be made available. In fact, ALL of TNA's future events are selling well enough to support the notion of an actual wrestling boom coming underway once more with TNA leading the pack on the televised secondary market.

To be clear, this is a GREAT time to be a wrestling fan, but more than that, to be a TNA fan. This shoots down any notion that TNA couldn't sell out 10-15,000 seat arenas. The product is growing and, without any surprise from me, the people who once said that TNA wouldn't last this long are now re-evaluating how they grade them.

The product has a cohesion that reminds me of RAW circa 2002-2008, which is a good sign, to me. It shows that people are taking an active interest in the brand. While it's impossible to truly know how well the brand is really doing; i.e. viewers who catch their fix on YouTube, desi, bolly, and other third party sites that replay the show via streaming media OR those who watch the show live via internet feed sites, it seems clear that Impact is on the rise.

Fewer internet columnists have anything but compliments for TNA's forward progress in the guise of the March 21st broadcast, featuring the full rundown promos by Bully Ray, revealing how the con was pulled off. Genius, by the way. On a more personal note, my time away from the daily grind here gave me a bit more insight as to just how much work actually goes into these columns. Funny how a few days away can have that effect. In any case, reworking and retooling and re-engaging hasn't been as tough as I thought it would be. In the coming days, I've got TONS of stuff to bring into the limelight with the new rules for the X Division kicking things off in just 24 hours. Also on the docket, the X Factors moving forward, who's on the World Title picture for the year, and a couple of wrestler profiles to cover.

To anyone who doubted my prediction that Petey Williams would be making his way back to TNA, I told you so....Petey Williams has reportedly signed a deal and is the front runner in most people's minds of TNA originals to put forth the effort to bring him up the ranks quickly, also introducing a new finisher to supplement the notorious "Canadian Destroyer" he currently employs. The idea is to make him into a more versatile character by adding something more suited to larger competitors who may NOT be able to aid Williams in the execution of said finisher.

SO, to those who I seek to entertain, engage, and simply encourage to think, I appreciate the forgiveness you've shown in my need for rest. You are the reason I put out yet another perspective on the vast landscape of writers endeavoring to advance the agenda of professional wrestling at its finest.

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