Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Survival Tactix: The Invisible Hall of Fame....

We enter a time now where WWE has announced most everyone being inducted into a Hall of Fame that STILL doesn't have a building. While most are deserving and worthy of the honors that induction into A hall of fame brings, a few glaring problems begin to emerge, at least in MY eyes.....

First, Donald Trump is being inducted this year. I get that we're looking at celebrities who have made a crossover into the arena of sports entertainment, but I think there are SO MANY other people who deserve THAT honor than Trump. Cyndi Lauper, for example?

Another problem I have with the WWE Hall of Fame is the glaring absences from a BUNCH of people who WERE a part of the product that SHOULD be inducted, but for whatever reason, haven't as of yet. What about Jake Roberts? Rick Rude? DDP? I understand the problems with a couple of these next guys, but Randy Savage and Owen Hart are the ones that make me scratch my head the most.

SOME see the WWE Hall of Fame as an honor that dates back nearly a hundred years to the regional promotion era, but I see it as a list of names that is compiled by Vince to tell people who HE cares about honoring, not necessarily who DESERVES the honor that might come from the induction, otherwise Sting, Hall, Nash, Lita, Luna Vachon, Sable, Molly Holly, and a great many OTHER names MIGHT, just MIGHT be on it.

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