Saturday, March 30, 2013

Survival Tactix: Knockouts Turning Point.....

Most people saw Lockdown as the night Bully Ray brought the Aces and Eights storyline back to the forefront, but there WAS another thing that helped TNA raise their game.....Taryn Tarrell's snapping on Gail Kim. Why was THIS important? Because it brought someone new to the table. It also draws the champion (Velvet Sky) into the feud as the secondary face in the current feud. But doesn't that ruin the story if the champion takes second billing? I don't think so. If this were on the top of the card, I may feel a bit differently, but since this is a division that could use a change, the addition of a primary face that may ultimately create a new tag team tandem might help more than hinder.

In my opinion, giving Mickie James a break was good for the forward movement of more fresh faces to rise into a more prominent place. NOW, I've been looking forward to seeing the return of Taeler Hendrix for a long time. Why wouldn't Ms. Hendrix be a part of this influx of new talent into the division? I'll admit, I've been confounded as to what is holding up the actual debut. I do, however, see something stirring in the ranks of the Knockouts Division that gives me hope. Now that Taryn has joined up, the Knockouts Title scene changes just a bit. Once again the TV Title will take a backseat to the Knockouts strap because there are two stories on the docket instead of just one, making me believe that more will be added to create a kind of faces vs. heels team element, which would be nice to see for a change.

So, who benefits? The way I see it, we do, as fans, but the newcomers truly win out the most as they get the chance to test their brass against the innovators and the legends they walk with everyday.

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