Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Survival Tactix: Onward.....

Okay.....now that the President of Aces and Eights has been revealed, some things are going to change, the first thing being masks. No more masks, or at least that's the impression I get. The other impression is that the faction will be expanding by a couple of members. I believe we'll see a few key players return that we haven't seen in a while for both sides of the conflict. I say we have a look at my predictions for those players. So let's explore, shall we?

I don't think he should be any surprise to anyone. He's been away for quite a while and since they've been swerving quite a bit to try and throw people off the trail of which side each player is on, I think this one will be pretty straight forward.

Jay Bradley....
He's been under a mask already, though many had no idea. The most recent man to receive a TNA contract is also a member of the faction sent to take over. He has the look down and plays the villain very well. I see no reason why NOT.

Ivelisse Valez.....
We've been talking about the possibility of taking on a female member for a while now and the freshly scorned Valez would DEFINITELY fit the bill as one having the most recent reason to be upset about her status. I would go so far as to say her first feud would be against the most recent winner of the contract. I wouldn't be a bit surprised to see Tapa debut as soon as 2 weeks from now.

For the TNA FRONTLINE>>>>>>

AJ Styles.....
Yeah, he's been reclusive. Yeah, he's been a bit frustrated, but in the end, I think he's too loyal to really make a heel turn at this stage in the game. While he may not be completely happy with what taking on the hero role means, I still think he's the white knight.

Matt Morgan.....
He's been against Hogan all this time, so why would he choose to save the product? Simple. He wants exposure and the idea of him being stopped from making his mark by the guy who turned may just be the ingredient to at least give food for thought that this may not entirely be Hogan's fault after all. I can see the Blueprint taking a step back and Hogan cutting him loose and letting him run free on the faction.

Taeler Hendrix......
Yep. Here's the thing....I think her story will very much depend upon how the story unfolds with Tapa and Velez. Why? Because she was the first woman to win the Gut Check contract in the FIRST place and for HER to see the newest pair getting a chance to shine while she is stuck in developmental is simply not fair. She may very well become the shifting of balance between the heels and faces  on the Knockouts Division.

NOW....I have to vent. I do this at the risk of undoing some positive things I've spoken about TNA in the past. This has to do with the Knockouts Division. If there is one place TNA needs an ambassador, it's here. Something happened over the course of the past 4-5 years with the Division that led to nearly HALF of the division leaving the roster. Winter, Angelina Love, Salinas, Rosita, Sarita, Roxxi, Kong, Traci Brooks, Alissa Flash, Hamada, Rhaka Khan and others all have seen the prominence and decline of the Knockouts Division. Roxxi, Kong, Angelina Love, and Traci Brooks have all declined TNA's offer to appear on the One Night Only Knockouts PPV tapings coming next weekend. My question is WHY? SOMETHING is wrong, folks, and the fact that these women can't be bothered to do a one shot is very telling. I'm a loyal fan of the product, even now. I'm even a fan of what they're doing with the Knockouts right now. My PROBLEM is trying to wrap my head around why TNA burned some of the women to the point that they don't want to be seen under the moniker. THAT bothers me, guys, and I'm not ashamed to say that I don't think the President of TNA would approve if she knew exactly HOW these women were burned. People can say what they want to about Dixie Carter and her knowledge of the wrestling business, but she has been a GREAT ambassador for the brand in her time as President. SO, my suggestion to HER is to put her nose into the negotiations and make some of those phone calls herself and BUTT into the process and cut off the newcomers who are trying to do the job she was meant for.


  1. I think AJ joins the aces & 8's. The last time they popped in on him, he was talking to some guy who was wearing a black leather vest, and it looked like it was the same as the aces & 8's. I think he comes to chicago in a situation where it looks like he will save somebody, but then shocks the world by turning heel.

  2. I enjoy your blog BUT most of the predictions you put out are normally wrong!
    What happened to chris sabin or Jesse sorrenson etc.

    anyway i think as well as others think that AJ will be like the Crow Sting.
    It will first appear he is joining the dark side and Aces and Eights BUT will become the hero!