Sunday, March 31, 2013

Survival Tactix: The Send-off.....

We're one week away from Wrestlemania. I realize this column is TNA town, but it's hard not to see the glint of the spectacle, regardless of how unimpressed I am with the card as a whole. With the careers of The Undertaker and Triple H on the line, it seems crystal clear that things are finally wrapping for good. WWE is committed to the end of the Attitude Era fan; preparing to say good-bye to the last of the Attitude Era veterans on the WWE roster, thanks in no small part to WWE's yearly spring cleaning. Did I forget about Christian? Nope, but they have.

Over in TNA, the Attitude Era is still active, at least there are some elements of that era still going strong. The continuing work of Jeff Hardy, the Dudleys, and Kurt Angle still prove there is some fight left in the more edgy product of the era that created them. Do I believe this year will be the last of The Undertaker and Triple H? Absolutely. Why? Because both are ready to be done. They've put in their time and, as far as Taker is concerned, he's already picked his successor. The fact that his chosen man to put over is CM Punk has me a bit perplexed, but I don't try to understand WWE logic these days. In my eyes, the entire enterprise has been a disaster since NOT debuting it when they COULD have. Had they really been serious about putting together a memorable program, this would have lasted longer than a month.

Think about this....the Streak of The Undertaker has been stressed SO much, there are t-shirts commemorating its very existence. There are posters paying tribute to it, complete with a list of his previous "victims". King and Cole preach it every week. The point is.....with THIS much emphasis having been put on it for so long, why would they not put THIS YEAR, above all others, as the year to  shine a spotlight on it early? Can anybody give me a reason?

Which brings me to one of my favorite performers of all time....The Rock. *sigh*

He's being put AGAIN into a match that WWE writers claimed last year would be an event "ONCE in a Lifetime". Folks, this is where I would ordinarily "layeth the Smackdown" on Vince, but the truth is, since his return to WWE, he has been maddeningly absent more often than not. I might not be so critical of him if weren't the current CHAMPION. I understand why people would go after Jeff Hardy in response to my analysis, but to be fair, Hardy was only off screen for 4 weeks since he was champion and The Rock has been gone for nearly half the time he's held the title since winning it in January. Fellow wrestling fans, this should not be. And where Hardy has never been noted for carrying himself with his promo cutting skills, The Rock HAS. But his routine has become more dated since his return and he can't even hold his own with the current crop of talents....i.e. CM Punk.

This isn't meant to gripe about the product as a whole, though it might seem as though I am. It's more to shine a spotlight onto what the pinnacle of the WWE experience has become.....something lacking in more than just storyline depth.....but rather a continuity that doesn't lie to those they're trying to stick with the 65 dollar bill to order it.

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  1. the biggest joke of wrestlemania is fandango(????) fighting y2j. this is a poor charater who has not been in the wwe for that long getting a match at the 'grandest stage of them all'.
    also how have the wwe let the rock hold the belt for 3 months and not even have a match. it didnt need to be title match but he should of at least took someone on