Saturday, March 16, 2013

Survival Tactix: Shifting Sands.....

Anyone who has been watching TNA in the past 6-8 weeks, you'd believe they've taken the whole Aces and Eights schtick WAY too far and for too long......until Thursday night happened. I happen to KNOW I'm not alone in the opinion that Bully Ray SINGLE-HANDEDLY revived a story I thought was long dead. I understand there are people who will dispute me on this and I can understand the apprehension, but as one has pointed out, it follows a time tested pattern. As of this post, we're in the middle of the rising action....awaiting the turning point, where everything begins to pull together towards the resolution of all things.

I gave this column the title it has because some things, some VERY important things are beginning to happen right now, and I have full intention of putting those on display presently......

1. TNA is doing some retooling, folks. With several former Knockouts declining to return for TNA's all Knockout PPV coming fast, adjustments will HAVE to be made to accommodate, simple as that. SO, with all hands on deck and the few left in the pool of possible acquisitions to be brought in from the OVW training facility, we have the Blossom Twins, Taeler Hendrix, Lei'd Tapa, Heidi Lovelace, and Brittney DeVore to name a few PLUS the few TNA is still in process of making contact with; Salinas, Taylor Wilde, and Jacqueline also to name a few.

2. Speaking of the Knockouts Division, right now things are really heating up with TWO separate storylines moving at once towards a possible convergence with one another. First is the Gail Kim and Taryn Tarrell feud that is REALLY working wonders for the division. Second, and the one things are perhaps building towards is the Knockouts Title picture. While WWE is having problems breathing life into a single match, TNA is putting their best on display.

3. Sting, Matt Morgan, and AJ Styles are being prepped. For what? A question I have NO IDEA how best to answer....other than to say it'll be interesting to see what kinds of developments come of it all in the end. It wouldn't surprise me if AJ, Sting, and Morgan banded together as a wrecking crew, but for the moment, I just don't see it.

There are rumblings about Chris Sabin becoming active once again in April. Some say he'll make his return in tandem with AJ Styles as a separate entity, completely neutral, but take it with a grain of salt, as all rumors are simply that until proven otherwise. Another rumor circulating is that TNA will attempt to bring back Alex Shelley to complete the three-man-tandem. In any case, this is an exciting time for TNA. With live events selling well at every junction, I believe we'll see a surge in attendance. Since the nearly 6,500 paying fans at the Chicago event, there has ALSO been talk about holding Bound for Glory in's THAT for AWESOME?!

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