Saturday, March 2, 2013

Survival Tactix: A Shout Out and Other News.....

In 2002, The Wounded Warrior Project was born. Why do I bring this group up? First of all, because this charity is a valuable service to wounded soldiers returning from war. Since not all wounds of war are physical, this organizations helps aid service men and women make the transition back to civilian life, offering job placement, information concerning support groups in the area, and a host of other services to benefit the lives of these veterans. Secondly, a great many TNA performers are active in raising funds for this organization.

On August 16th in Chatsworth, Georgia, for those in the area, there will be a fundraising event featuring a few of TNA's finest. The venture has DOC from the Aces and Eights facing one of the Sting fan site's very own, Shanon Dwayne Smith, (pictured left) in a match that SHOULD prove worthy of the honor of those for whom the funds are raised to help support. For the people who are in process of putting the event together, I honor you here as this is a forum that is bringing attention to such a worthy cause.

For anyone who is curious about how the unfeatured members of the TNA roster are faring away from the small screen, OVW's website has a link to each week's episode.

The link above will allow access to the weekly episodes for over a month as well as a profile of their roster. Just a note worth mentioning....the Blossom Twins are on the OVW roster. Coincidence? I think not. If my predictions hold any weight, I would guess the pair will find their way to the main roster soon enough.

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