Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Survival Tactix: Six.....

With only 6 short days to go (including today) and one broadcast left to flesh out the rest of the Lockdown card, I have a barrage of questions that I HOPE will be answered come Sunday night. Most of these questions center on the primary spotlight of the product right now....the Aces and Eights and how best to put closure to the storyline.

My first question is a really simply one. Who did Angle unmask? If the faction allowed Kurt to leave under his own power and not in a bucket, we're certain to find that out this week. NOW, I said before that the guy could be Joseph Park. I realize SOME are looking for D-Lo Brown and that might make things interesting, but the biggest complaint I'm seeing is that nearly everyone in the faction is a mid-card wonder. Knox, DOC, Devon, Brisco, Bischoff, only Anderson has had main event status in the whole bunch and having yet another non-wrestler to join would be something I doubt we'd ever hear the end of....because Shield's members are ALL main eventers, right? At least with Joseph, we could reasonably expect the return of Abyss in the coming weeks.

My second question is also simple. Who's pulling the strings? We've all been speculating TONS of people from Eric Bischoff to Jeff Jarrett to Abyss to Bully Ray to Brooke all the way to Hulk, himself, but as of now, there IS NO one person who stands out. I could quite easily make a case for a few, but others would take a stretch. Up until a month ago or so, the whole ending was still up in the air. Has there been a decision? Fair question, I think, but it remains to be seen if the answer will disappoint the fan base. I DO want to make something PAINFULLY clear to everyone here....I do NOT want to see Immortal version 2.0...hence, no HOGAN.

My last question as it relates to the faction is a bit more tricky. How long should the Aces and Eights band together once Lockdown's lights have faded? In MY eyes, Aces and Eights NEED a win, a BIG win in order to move their agenda forward. I don't see any stage larger than Lockdown right now to make this happen. If every member has been documented and unmasked, I think this is the best time to address how long this faction will last. If it were up to me, I'd push for Bound for Glory. Why? Because that will give the send off the biggest push out the door.

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