Saturday, March 9, 2013

Survival Tactix: Three.....

As promised, the rumor mill. Before I go here, I'd like to explain how WWE's contracts work, by and large. If a WWE performer is RELEASED, a 90 Day No Compete Clause goes into effect, meaning that said performer is not allowed to compete on TELEVISION for 90 days. No TNA, no ROH, none of it...period. NOW, if they allow the contract to simply lapse or clause. They simply become free agents in the colossal talent pool. Hence Kurt Angle. Hence Christian Cage. Why should I bother bringing up the rules? Because rumors have reached me of a top WWE talent thinking about Crossing the Line......

So who MIGHT be on TNA's radar? The Legend Killer, himself. That's the rumor. Is there any truth? I truly have no way of knowing....yet. You see, the last I knew, Randy Orton's contract went longer than the source I've heard is taking it. His belief is that Orton's contract expires shortly after Wrestlemania, which would mean TNA would get yet another "WWE reject". Have I mentioned how much I HATE that term? In any case, Orton would come to TNA with the training wheels off and under a TV-14 rating, which has been home for the bulk of his career anyway. Feuding with Hardy, Ray, Devon, even Matt Morgan wouldn't be out of the ordinary, but a pinch hit in the TV Title chase would be something a TNA-ified Randy would give some credibility to.

Here's something worth thinking about.....for all of your who come here for a little bit of varied perspective, have you ever wondered what a guy like Orton or Cena or even Sheamus could do without move bans, scripts, or being yelled at after the match? In MY eyes, we saw Orton's best work against the likes of Hardy, Christian, RVD, and Shelton Benjamin over the Intercontinental Title for the early portion of his WWE career, having more than one really good match against each.

90%.....The percent of WWE fanboys who will use his departure as yet another way to complain about TNA's product because of how many former WWE guys they have. You all know my feelings about this little mindset some feel compelled to find themselves in. My response? Deal with it. If the changing of the tides demands that TNA utilize some performers who need a chance to allow their bodies to heal from the long, demanding schedule WWE insists on employing, I say FINE. So be it. It took a long time for me to come to this point. Maybe it was one too many overzealous TNA purists. Maybe it was yet another bitter WWE fanboy, upset his favorite wrestler left WWE for greener pastures. Whatever the case, I have come to the conclusion that my initial impressions of TNA's ability to take on former WWE talents has changed.....hopefully for the better.

APPARENTLY, the best way to come to grips with ANY rumor, even one as big as this, is to step back, look at the bigger picture, and determine what's REALLY important in the formula for the success of whatever alleged change is 'set' to occur. While I don't buy into the rumor of Mr. Orton joining the ranks of TNA's Elite, I don't completely rule out anything. Why? As a long standing wrestling tradition, and words uttered by countless talents, never say never.

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