Sunday, March 10, 2013

Survival Tactix: Two.....ONE

Tonight is the night. It may end up the night the Tag Titles were ALMOST retained, however. reports that Bobby Roode's contract has expired. In fact, it seems the contract expired a few weeks back. Hence, TNA upper management has been working hard to pound out a new agreement within the last couple of weeks. I have little doubt that TNA will secure Roode and the PPV will go off without a hitch, but it MAY put a little kink in storylines as the initial plan was for both to retain and build towards their ultimate goal....the securing of all titles. If Intergender Tag Teams were allowed to flourish, I DO wonder if they'd take on a Knockout in their merry band and allow the Knockouts Tag Belts to change hands FINALLY. Sorry....just a little side note.

Whatever the case, Dixie Carter tweeted this week that Lockdown will be the highest attendance number TNA has ever had in the US. That breaks the old record set by Slammiversary of last year at 5500. At last report, over 6000 seats have been sold. This is a GREAT development for TNA. With tickets selling well in Chicago, TNA could be looking at a lucrative new market to branch into. Newly announced future dates in Pennsylvania, Texas, and Arkansas make it increasingly difficult for TNA to encounter with tactics WWE has been trying to employ. This is good. It means that because of the sporatic jumps from city to city, there is no discernible pattern by which WWE can model and edge TNA out of. On a more personal level, because they've taken to the forums and asked FANS where they should go next says a great deal to me in how TNA is making their mark on the landscape.

To top off the news of the day....AJ Styles has said that since TNA has come into his home uninvited, he was going to do the same in Chicago, but that isn't saying he won't be at the PPV tonight. Which brings me to a scenario that I was hesitant to bring up but now feel it COULD come to pass. Imagine that Bully Ray wins the World Heavyweight Title. Imagine the confetti drops from the ceiling and THEN imagine D-Lo Brown waltzing to the ring to congratulate the President of the Aces and Eights for a hard fought battle. THEN, from the back, the faces on the roster come out to try and re-take the ring, while Jay Bradley, Chris Masters, Crimson and the remaining Aces and Eights members rush the squared circle to brawl over the hill. Then, from nowhere, the return we've all been waiting for....Abyss comes to the ring with a thunderous applause and he is able to clear the ring and THAT's how it ends.

Think about it. That's all I'm saying. Just THINK ABOUT IT. 


  1. That would be awsome. Back in the day sting gave the nwo helk so let abyss give aces and eights hell. And what if sting and abyss join forces. Imagine the mind games they could play.

  2. I was going to post this on your last blog, but my phone messed up. so heres my what if senario for aces and eights..... or really my prediction on who it is, i think its hogan. his character did the same in wcw, why not here. i could also see hardy being in aces and eights. think back to all the people who scoulded him for his drug problem, he could inact revenge in aces and eights.... just a thought.