Monday, March 11, 2013

Survival Tactix: Why?

I'm sure by reading the title of this post, you'll be wondering just how I felt about Lockdown. Well, lemme tell ya, I'm kinda mixed about the whole thing. While I called SOMETHING like this happening, particularly with yesterday's post, and while it all makes sense now, I fail to see how this brings us any closer to the question of why. Okay, I saw Bully's turn coming yesterday, but when I look back, there were always signs that this was too good to be true. I guess my only question is what could Bully Ray POSSIBLY have against Sting that warranted him being taken out first last year? And furthermore, looking back at the story as it unfolded back in the middle of last year, when one guy was caught and he thanked Sting for "patching" him in.....does that mean that taking a beating was a badge of honor to the club? It's just another thing that makes me go hmmmm.

We could go into a MILLION reasons why, but there's really only one that matters, at least here. Why did TNA see fit to allow the faction to LOSE Lethal Lockdown but win the SINGLES matches? It just seems like an over emphasis on the "gang" aspect of their faction. Maybe I'm overstepping, but I get the impression that the strength of a faction is measured by the sum of it's parts....meaning that if every member is built with strength and durability, the faction will be as well, but in THIS case, it seems, if there is a pairing, a tag team, or a team of more, they fall, but in a singles match, the faction interferes to give the one man the win. Lockdown illustrated this theory perfectly.

I WILL say, however, that I wasn't AT ALL disappointed with Lockdown as some were. I LOVED the Knockouts Championship match, which was VERY worthwhile, even if only for the sight of Taryn Tarrell going ABSOLUTELY postal on Gail Kim. Nice spear, by the way....very worth seeing. Here's hoping for Taryn to join the ranks of TNA's Knockouts Division. For those who don't know, she's actually not a bad in ring performer. Give it about 2-3 months and she'll be right back in her element as a wrestler. As for Velvet Sky retaining, I get the feeling she'll have her hands full in the coming weeks and months.....and yes, I do mean the faction. I'm calling it right now, the faction WILL have AT LEAST one female member.

To be honest with you all, the only matches I wasn't particularly pleased with were the short ones ala Joseph Park/Joey Ryan and the battle of the Robbies. Had more time been given to the X Division match or even having a Number 1 Contenders' match for the Knockouts Division would have been nice, but seeing as TNA NOW has TWO  women's stories moving at once makes me overjoyed. I read a post on a Facebook forum stating that TNA has trouble walking and chewing gum at the same time in regards to their Knockouts Division and now that Taryn went OUT OF HER MIND on Gail and with Velvet Sky STILL needing a challenger for the title, it seems that post means little to nothing as of last night.

A strong showing by the Tag Team, Knockouts, and X Divisions last night as all three championships were successfully retained. I happen to believe the finish to the Tag Team match was BRILLIANT, by the way. If ANYONE missed it, look it's worth the watch. San Antonio truly got a treat by TNA holding the PPV there. I saw a great crowd and the arena looked pretty full, which is a GREAT sign of TNA's growth beginning to catch fire. THIS is JUST what TNA needs to succeed in the long run. Thursday marks the beginning of a new era, in more ways than one. The first is the obvious, the Impact Zone is no more. HOWEVER, the second way is one I will call Faction Development. A while back, I made this idea of a COMPLETELY faction based PPV. I called it BorderWars, but now that I've seen the name used before it has to be revamped. In any case, the battleground for THIS will have to be something new. In any case, I don't see the faction actually dying out until Bound for Glory and in THAT case, I'm betting that the card will be stack floor to ceiling with faction based matches.

What does this mean for Impact? Simple, if Aces and Eights wishes to interfere with the plans of the TNA Frontline, they need a champion for every division and a couple of grudge matches. If I were writing all of this out, it'd look something like this.....

Kurt Angle vs. Crimson
DOC vs. Magnus
Samoa Joe vs. Devon for the TV Title
Knucks vs. Eric Young
AJ Styles vs. Bully Ray for the World Title
Velvet Sky vs. Ivelisse Valez for the Knockouts Title
Christian York vs. Jay Bradley for the X Division Title
Money's Worth vs. Brisco/Bischoff for the Tag Team Titles
Tessmacher/Tarrell vs. ODB/Tara for the Knockout Tag Team Titles

NOW, I realize I put the Knockouts Tag Team Belts on the line, but I wanted to put more people into the shuffle to illustrate how it COULD work. I truly believe if TNA isn't doing anything with them, the belts need to disappear with a reason. I realize there are new faces on this list, but THOSE are my predictions for new members in the coming months. And those are ALL of them, either. I WILL say that, in the interest of keeping Bound for Glory's integrity, I'd ban the faction members from either side from ringside for every match OR put in a Lethal Enforcer as a stop gap to prevent outside interference from having their way in any match.

I realize that there are a few glaring omissions from this line-up and keep in mind, this is only an example of how things COULD go down.....we'll explore more into it as the weeks move closer to June 2nd, when TNA takes Slammiversary to Boston.

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