Saturday, April 20, 2013

Rants from Ringside: What is goin on with WWE?

First of all, I want to apologize for my absence from this site for a couple weeks. I am currently staying at a friend’s house and all my efforts are going into finding a job and an apartment. Plus he lives out in the boondocks and his internet is crap. But I will continue to blog whenever possible.

The fallout from Wrestlemania has been about as uneventful as you would have expected. So, I really am not going to talk about that all that much. What I will talk about is some of the mistakes that I noticed on the April 15th episode of Raw. Now I know that I go after WWE a ton, but that is simply because they make it so easy. This was never more evident than on this week’s Raw. The show started off pretty smoothly, boring, but smooth. The first mistake that really jumped out at me was during the final moments of the R-Truth vs. Wade Barrett match. The whole match had been mediocre at best but the interesting part came when Truth went in for the pin. The 1, 2, 3 was counted and all three men, Truth, Barrett and the ref looked at each other like, what the hell just happened. Truth’s music started pretty much instantly and it was swept under the rug. Now WWE will never admit this, but I am pretty sure that they did not want one of their champions to be beat by a lower mid card talents. Now, I am sure they are scurrying about trying to decide how they are going to play it. In my eyes only one of two things can happen from here. Either Truth gets his 500th push or Barrett is going to get buried. Now I know some of you are going to be asking how Truth can get a push and Barrett not get buried at the same time and you would be right, that is a third plausible option. So let me lay it out for you how I think each of those options would work out.

Option #1: Truth gets a push and Barrett does not get buried.

Truth starts coming out talking about how he beat the Intercontinental champion yet he is not carrying the belt and he wants to rectify that. Then he is thrown a few of the top contenders at him beating each and every one while Barrett is also thrown some of the top guys beating them in convincing fashion. This storyline culminating in a Championship match at some PPV and they have a knock down drag out war. Truth wins this and Barrett does not look terrible because of all the fight he put up.

Option #2: Truth gets a push and Barrett does get buried.

This one is pretty simple, Truth beats every one of the top contenders that they throw at him while Barrett loses in non-championship matches that are thrown his way culminating with Truth finally getting his title shot and beating him at some PPV.

Option #3: Truth does not get a push and Barrett still gets buried.

This is the road that I believe WWE creative is going to take. They are not even going to pay any attention to the fact that Truth beat Barrett by not giving him any kind of push but I do think they are going to punish Barrett for not kicking out like he should have by letting him get beat some more by lower mid card guys. How long this will last, I don’t know, but I do think that he will keep the belt for a while maybe even long enough to get him out of the “funk” that he is in and he will return to being the deserving champion that he is now. The key here is that he will be buried for a while as punishment for his screw up on RAW.

This was not the only screw up on RAW that I caught. During the showdown between Cena and  Ryback, there was a 5 to 10 second cut away of The Shield backstage. Basically giving everyone the knowledge that this showdown was going to end with them coming out. I don’t know what the cause of the massive mistakes were this week on RAW but I am not getting my hopes up that they are going to get any better. I mean, we are talking about WWE here.

As always, thanks for reading and I would love to hear your feedback on anything WWE.


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