Monday, April 1, 2013

Survival Tactix: AJ's Next Venture.....

The question of what AJ's ultimate agenda is has been in my ears as of recent. While I haven't heard any scuttle from the top as of yet, I DO have a bit of news that perked my ears and made me question how possible it could be.....

Petey Williams HAS been signed by TNA once again to a full time commitment. Why is this important? For one, spoilers are reporting a win in his return match, making him a part of the next championship match for the X Title. Does this mean a permanent return to the division? Some would say yes, but I happen to believe it doesn't. In fact, I get this feeling there's more to his return to TNA than just an X Division throwback. Does anyone remember this?

The return of Petey Williams makes me think that a possible tandem could be on the horizon, pairing Styles with Williams, Sting, and Matt Morgan eventually. What does THIS mean? Well, about two years ago, I posted a column about a custom faction war featuring four teams in an elimination style match up. NOW, I realize this only is TWO factions, but with Hogan's heroes (Angle, Joe, Magnus, and Eric Young), the Aces and Eights (Devon, Knux, D.O.C, and Anderson), and a spot for a brand new faction to rival both, my question is why not? Sting, Styles, Williams, and Morgan is a good bet and Sting convincing AJ to join up wouldn't be a stretch. 

WarGames, anyone?

Now that TNA is in a leading position to move forward, THIS is the time to capitalize on something WWE will NEVER do.....put forth a gimmick match that WCW invented. Yeah, Lethal Lockdown was nice, but it wasn't WarGames, no matter how close Sting gave the impression it would be when he brought the idea to TV. When would I debut said match? One of TWO places......Slammiversary or Bound for Glory. You want to roster war? THAT'S how it's done.....put them all into a multiple ring situation and let them pound out their frustrations and, when the dust settles, we sort out the pieces.

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