Friday, April 26, 2013

Survival Tactix: Arrow....

I suppose you're wondering why I give this column the name belonging to a DC Comics' inspired vigilante crime drama. I would be too, if I'd never seen the show, but the fact of the matter is that some monumental things happening in that show have some very interesting parallels to what's happening in TNA. Wrap it all up with a little twist of WCW to involve a bit of wrestling history and you've got a neat little appetizer for what will become the main course.

Now before I go into parallels, let me give you just the CURRENT plot points relevant to this post.....

Oliver Queen (Green Arrow) is now a lone wolf after being abandoned by his childhood best friend AND his most recent cohort in cleaning up the city......

Roy Harper, a young man from the wrong side of the law, has been saved from death and believes he owes the Green Arrow for a second chance to do things right....but has been betrayed by the law for doing right.

This is all I need to build a case, folks.

Let's start with point one.....Sting was abandoned by Hogan and was TURNED on by his most recent "friend", Bully Ray. When the lights went out in the traveling Impact Zone and the Icon was holding the bat to Hogan's face, it was clear to me that this Sting has no allegiances....yet. While I realize the parallels might SEEM completely happenstance and even a stretch for some, to me, all the details are simply fringe. The primary story still holds.

In a way, I would compare AJ Styles to Harper. I get that he began his journey into darkness as the shining knight of TNA's white bread heaven, but what it all boils down to is that he was "betrayed" as much as a wrestling character can be done the disservice, by the "law" or TNA management. Keep in mind this is all just surface level stuff here and the details won't line up perfectly due to other character interactions, developments and weave of story, etc.

Matt Morgan has been pushed in one of two directions...into the cut the faction offered AJ OR into the CAMP of AJ, which is what I've been predicting for the better part of a week now. Hulk Hogan is burning bridges faster than he can build new ones and it will all come down to the final scene of the story when we'll see some kind of cohesion in the face and "tweener" characters, which is more than I can say for now.

According to, TNA's treatment of the Joseph Park character is a long term deal, which WILL play out this year. This can mean that ANOTHER prediction of mine could potentially come about, namely the return of the "Monster". He, too, has been dealt a bad hand by the powers that be, or at least a case can be made for it, no pun intended. As for the actual timeline? That's entirely up for debate, but my opinion? TNA is going to want to ride this thing out for as long as they can to try and cultivate some interest in Park and invest in his plight. It will, I fear, seem like things aren't moving, just as things didn't seem like they were in the weeks leading up to Lockdown, but if TNA stays the course, I believe the actual RETURN of Abyss will take place AT or shortly after Bound for Glory. When you look at Hogan as the symbol of the "law", perhaps Joseph Park fits that bill even better than AJ, but I digress.

I've got this feeling that all of the things we're watching right now are in locked position for a major plot building drive come August or even earlier. This means that MY timeline would tend to ramp up with the shadowy meetings between AJ and Sting, an eventual confrontation between Sting, AJ, Matt Morgan, and Joseph Park and Hogan and his Army AND Bully Ray's Aces and Eights. Sowing the seeds for this could start even as soon as next week with the return of Chris Sabin. SO, next week will be an interesting one and things will continue to be interesting leading up to Slammiversary. I'm excited for what could potentially come of the developments.

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